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Thursday, 21 October 2010

A Coffee Morning with The Ladies & A Crêpe Suzette

I finally got the time to get together with the ladies this morning. It was a wonderful gathering and just great catching up with the girls :) The best thing about these get togethers is that you get to see the inner greatness in all of these wonderful women who would stop at nothing to support their families, loved ones and children. You get to hear the great things that they silently do each and every day to provide the best in their homes without the slightest bit of expectation for anything in return. They just simply Give! There is power to unconditional love! And that is the kind of love that makes these women so capable of giving, making them the makers of homes, the makers of each one of us and all to follow.
Funny enough they do not even realise the enormity of their giving and its greatness! They just simply do it, and feel the need to continuously improve it and add to it! They are the true HEROES...

We all want our diners to be
On another note, among the things that came up, was a discussion about 'Complaints in Restaurants': Who are with, and who are against? It seems that some people are comfortable complaining about the food they order in a restaurant if it was not good, or if it was not the same as they have had before in the same restaurant. While others are very uncomfortable, and would just have it, thinking that they don't want to be 'difficult'.
My personal take on this is that it is OK to complain in restaurants for several reasons: Firstly it's a head up for the Chef. Chefs or cooks want their diners to enjoy the food they prepare! None of us likes to deliver something unsatisfactory to our diners. On occasions some Cooks stop being so motivated, or maybe going through something that eventually effects their cooking. A complaint mayact as a reminder to those that they need to step it up and get back in shape. Also in some occasions the problem may be a misunderstanding. You may order a blueberry pancake, but get a buttermilk pancake instead! Most probably this was the mistake of the waiter's. So instead of having the food and vowing never to return, try telling your waiter as maybe they can fix this miscommunication. I also believe that when you are paying for a service, you are expecting to get that service, and it should be up to standards.

With that said though, you need to make sure that you are being fair before complaining, and that your complaint is in place. You canot expect a 'fine dining' experience from a simple fresh juice kiosk! So you cannot exactly complain there about the use of plastic serve-ware! It will also be rediculous to complain about the use of white sauce in a Fettuccini Alfredo, because you think it should be with tomato sauce! Therefore do express your concern when dining out, should there be any. Most eateries welcome the criticism as they care about their customers' satisfaction, and will most probably work on fixing it. Do also be nice about it.

As it seems the ladies all are in favour of Crêpes. I have therefore promised them to blog the Crêpes suzette recipe here so they can prepare it at home. So here we go:

Crêpes Suzette
Regular & Flambé

Crêpes are pancakes. They belong to the pastry- breads category. They are made by cooking a thin batter sparingly in a very thin layer. Crêpes are cooked in a frying pan or a special Crêpes pan. The batter is usually prepared in advance, and left to rest so that the flour swells and any air bubbles created during preparation have time to dissipate. After standing a little liquid can be added if batter has become too thick. This 'Standing & Thinning' Procedure ensure the batter doesn't rise, and is instead cooked into a perfect even thin layer.

Crêpes are usually made using Wheat orBuckwheat flour. Liquids are usually water, milk or beer. Just bear in mind that beer makes Crêpes rise slightly. Also the use of eggs, lends itself to the liquifying process. As a general rule, Crêpes batter must always be or pouring consistency. They are usually fried in oil or butter, and can be made either savoury or sweet.

A crêpe Suzette is a sweet crêpe flavoured with tangerine and coated with a tangerineflavoured sauce. The sauce is used to mask the Crêpes and is made using tangerine juice and Curaçao in addition to melted butter & sugar. Many recipes have come about and different people prepare it differently but for the classic recipe:

For the batterYou Need2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
3 eggs
1 cup milk
a pinch salt
Juice of 1 tangerine
1 tbsp Curaçao
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl and make a well in the middle. In a seperate bowl mix all dry ingredients well together. Add dry ingredients into the well you created in the centre of the flour mixture. Mix all to a thin batter, let stand at room temperature for 2 hours.

For Tangerine ButterYou Need1/4 cup melted
Juice and zest of 1 tangerine
1 tbsp Curaçao
4 tbsp caster sugar

Mix all ingrdients well together to create tangerine butter.

To Assemble crêpe Suzette
Make some thin crêpes in heavy-based frying pan by lightly greasing your frying pan and heating it. Remove the pan from the heat add 2 tbsp batter. Lift and tilt your pan to spread batter into a thin layer. Return pan to heat and brown on 1 side only. (you can use specialised crepe machine and spread the batter using the crepe scraper)

Coat your crêpes with Tangerine butter, fold them in 4 (they will look like a triangle), returning them to the pan to reheat them. (you can - if you like - refry folded crêpes in a little bit of Tangerine butter).

Arrange the cooked crêpe-folds on a warmed plate slightly over lapping each other. top with tangerine rind and a little melted tangerine butter. You can also serve these crepes with a side of ice cream.

For flambé Suzettes:
Please be careful when attempting a flambé, Alcohol is highly flamable. keep your face away from  the pan when lighting the alcohol. If in doubt, it is better not to use this method. This is totally optional and suzettes can be served without flaming them.

Use 1 0z Cointreau. Add the alcohol to the folds when you are refrying them. To add the alcohol, carefully pour it to the side of the pan, and never the middle in case it lights up, then you can simply move your hand away. Let the alcohol warm up for a couple of seconds, then light using a long lighter or by tipping it ever so slightly to the side till alcohol catches fire. Once the alcohol had evporated it should go off on its own.

Place overlaping on a warm ed plate and serve.
So there you go ladies, Crêpes Suzette :)

You can pile crepes on top of each other and serve as a cake - these are usually sliced like cakes.

Hope you like this recipe. It is a retro recipe that was very famous back in the day. Just because it is retro, does not mean it is not super delicious! In fact, it is really flavoursome and must be brought back to the kitchen. Do let me know what you think of Crepe Suzette :) Leave me a comment before you go...

Come back again soon for more... Meanwhile enjoy these crepes