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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

GulFood.... The candyshop of the food industry!

One of the perks of living in a city like Dubai, is that it never fails to keep you up to date! regardless the field of work, interest or even knowledge you are always being kept up to date with the developments, technologies, procedures, trends and even ideas! Dubai never has nothing to offer! Dubai is always on show! Showing you what's new, what's happening around the world, and giving you maximum exposure to make sure you excel whichever way you decide to go. For those of us who live here, we are lucky that way, and for those who don't, make sure to visit and be part of these events.

The past week, I have been totally all over the GulFood show. My gosh, was I like a child in a Candy Shop? GulFood is the ultimate Candy shop of the food industry. From Food & Drink, to Ingredients, World Produce, Processing & Packaging Solutions, to machinery and everything you can think of in between, including those that you haven't even thought of! Anyone who is operating, or into the food industry should not miss out on this show.

Not only will you grow your network, but you will find yourself totally informed with the global trends, the regional opportunities and to say the least inspired. The seminars are wonderful and very informative, the speakers are all known figures in the food industry and you will be really getting all the information you need in any of the industry's fields.

New food technologies are allowing the restaurant and cafe businesses to offer better quality food all the time, at a lower cost and lesser prep time! Food quality is no longer compromised by freezing, with the new shock freezing technologies that maintain the quality of the produce, and safety at the same time. Food safety is by far way more managed and controlled with the help of new state of the art, machines and products.
At GulFood not only will you learn all about the new trends and the new offerings, but you will get to meet the companies and people behind them. Therefore if you haven't already been, you have 1 more day left, and I recommend you go there and check it out.

This year's theme is "Global Trends - Regional Opportunities". International speakers shared their insights and experiences with the audiences throughout the duration of the show. In the Restaurant & Cafe sections you are able to take a look at the trend's shaping the world's restaurants and cafes, the very same shaping the restaurants and cafes of tomorrow. You can increase your operations' efficiency, find state of the art packaging technology and have your product hit the markets sooner than you think. You just need to find the leading global suppliers at the packaging and processing section. If you are looking for inspiration, we all know that great products come from real good quality ingredients. Visit Ingredients ME and get inspired with the endless varieties, new ingredients, and excellent global produce. Just imagine these ingredients in your products. Maybe even, imagine new products with these ingredients.

Since it is a show, no show is complete without some competitions! & Since the food industry is a highly competitive field to begin with... the competitions held at this year's GulFood were phenomenal! Showcasing the best of the best, it was definitely a pleasure.
Here are some photos from the competitions to include, butchery competition, Salon Culinaire, Baking Competitions, Sculptures (ice, chocolate, fruits...) all sorts of  Vie pour l'excellence Culinaire!

Here are some pics from the show, so feast your eyes :)

Butchery Competition

I love this one :)

My Personal Favourite! Amazing...
Life in chocolate details

Simply The Wonderful World of Food & Food Arts!