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Monday, 3 October 2011

End of Cakes Course, A trip to Amman and a Baby Boy!

From Cakes Learnt at All About Cakes & Cupcakes Course
Coffee Cake & Mocha Frosting
How does time pass so fast? It feels like yesterday I had started another run of the best loved "All About Cakes & Cupcakes" Course, and in a blink it was finished. I have been so caught up with the course, the events, meetings, and the kids, that I seriously had no time to blog! But I had been doing a lot of cooking, and baking, I have hundreds of pics to go through, so all will be posted for you to enjoy, promise :)

Amid the excitement, my youngest sister just had her first baby!! Seriously how does time fly? Not so long ago, she was the baby at ours! I mean she still is my baby sister! So I flew to Amman right after last session to see her and her baby, and am telling you, there is something beautiful about New Life! There is something Magical about the feeling these little ones can bring to your heart. They are a new beginning, a new experience in very short terms, they are Life! They remind us how precious time is, how powerful unconditional love is, and how important Family is. Looking into their eager eyes which are seeing things for the first time, reminds us of the significance of seeing things from a fresh perspective, of being enthusiastic about new experiences and having a drive to live fully and excitedly... Babies are precious!

Out of all this I got a chance to relax, back home, in a little break. Nothing like waking up in the morning to crisp fresh air. Feeling a bit nippy; tucking yourself in a thick pullover, and having coffee at the balcony, watching the morning action. The non-humid, fresh, crisp morning breeze is something we miss out on in Dubai. It is energising, and plain old good for your soul. Sitting there, brings back so many memories! The neighbourhood, childhood, mischief, growing up, and eventually change... Amazing how when seen through the perspective of time, everything is different! There I was, in the very same spot, where I used to sit years ago, where it all looked the same, but was very different! Amazing How time Flies!

Derived from being home, these random thoughts, non-food related type themselves on this blogpost. But it all ties up in the end, and what I want to share with you in this post is to value your time, and make sure you do the things you love. Don't keep on postponing your dreams, ideas, goals and lives... rather live, as time is arunning! 

Back to food lol...

Cakes Made at course: Cocoa Genoise covered with chocolate Ganache and fresh fruits
Coffee Cake & Mocha frosting

The course was so much fun. I had 3 amazing ladies in class. They reminded me how exciting baking is when you first take it up. They were so enthusiastic and eager to learn, that I was so excited every morning to see what they have done with their homeworks! They had to bake cakes for homework, which they did amazingly each time! They even went above and beyond to reflect on the new learnt skills, coming up with layers of cakes, fillings making up layers of flavour! They made me proud :)

Kari Heron's 2 layer Lemon Cake with Light Lemon Cream Frosting
We baked so many cakes, ate so much cake and talked, analysed, tasted, and critiqued a lot of cakes! We even discussed cake recipes, from reading, to writing professional recipes. We talked pricing, costs and financial projections, there was nothing cake related that we did not tap on, it was great! 
Having a fellow blogger/ journalist in the course with us, we even covered some basic food photography tips. We took so many pictures, talked about lighting, composition, design and even ways to cheat light... While we were at it, we also played stepford housewives posing to the camera with cakes and bakes and lovely aprons :)

Zainab, the Fashionista (Fashion design student/just discovered passion for baking), had delighted and amazed us throughout the course. She has an eye for design, and went full blown into covering cakes with Fondant and creating designs. Every homework cake she made, was a small wedding cake! And for someone who is doing it for the first time, Zainab was really talented!! Having learnt - at this course - how to flavour, layer and bake the perfect cakes, they truly were delicious! here are some pics of her cakes and designs:

The Cake

She even created a logo for herself, and when I saw that I saw the work of passion!
This is passion, and am hoping Zainab will follow her dream

Cake by Zainab

Speaking of Dreams, amongst us was Dami, who took this course to go back to Nigeria and open a cake bakery :) Dami inspired us all, with her perseverance and showed us, by example, how exciting it is to follow your dreams. She is making her dream come to life and was focused on learning all the skills needed to get there. Her will and focus are inspiring! Look at her right at work:

Apple Cupcakes ready to be dressed

Lovely Ladies and great times! That's "All About Cakes & Cupcakes" course. 
Hear it from them:

If you have missed out on this course and would like to join, please drop me a line, and I will let you know when it is back on!
Meanwhile here are some more pics :

Zainab preparing for carrot cake

Kari working on Black Forrest

Eating Cake, Discussing Design, & Complaining about weight gain lol

A session's worth of baking - in take out :))

First attempt at Cake Rolls
Take out Cakes :)

YUM! Delish :)