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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dima's Kitchen Goes Live Again - One Cake 3 Ways!

Most of us lead a busy life, and are always on the look out for easy, convenient ways to prepare food that looks impressive and tastes delicious! Regardless of how busy our lives are we still like to entertain and have tea with those whose company we enjoy. When entertaining we all love to show case our culinary masterpieces, and our good taste both in flavour and presentation. Yes we all do, but most will think: "Who Has The Time?" The easiest way, then seems, to settle down with store or bakery bought foods. The take out seems to solve both the time and effort issues!

Strawberries & Cream Cake Demonstrated in 1 cake 3 ways
But what if I told you, you can do it, and there are ways around time and effort that allow you to bake your cake and have it?! Yes, it's true. There are many a things nowadays that make home cooking a breeze. There are many recipes, that do not compromise on flavour or quality, yet save time and do not require maximum effort! These very same recipes can look stunning, nothing short of a magazine picture-perfect recipe, yet one that you will actually want to try! They taste Divine! There are even equipment and appliances that can help speed up the process and minimise the labour! Yes, this is a reality, and as the saying goes:
"If there is a will, there is a way!"

I have teamed up with Cook & Coffee by Kenwood, located at Jashanmal store in Festival Centre, to bring you a series of Live Demonstrations that focus on convenient yet impressive foods. The Kind of food that will showcase your cookery artistry, yet will not require you to be kitchen bound for hours of labour-intensive work! Don't get me wrong, we are taking on the big concoctions like the Turkey for Christmas, Fresh Pasta - Lasagne, 3 different cakes and even the Foie Gras Bonbons and vegetable wafers, among others! When we say convenient, we don't mean microwave dinners! We do mean mouth watering culinary delights that will stimulate your senses and dazzle your guests. From the recipe to show casing what new technologies are available and how they can reduce the work, yet produce fabulous results, you are going to know it all.

We have kick started the demos with every body's favourite, Baking. The session is titled :1 cake 3 Ways, and we did end up with 3 different scrumptious cakes. We received rave reviews about the demo and the cakes, and since it is everyone's favourite, we are having a rerun of the same demo on the 17th, November. So if you have missed out on the first one, join us on the 17th, and don't miss out!

Please check out the Demonstrations Calender and the menus I will be demonstrating. Pencil down the ones you would like to attend and be there. I would love nothing more than welcoming you, getting to know you and talking food with you :))
Mean while here are photos from Yesterday's Demonstration, enjoy and see you soon...