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Friday, 24 August 2012

Announcing the Winners of Dima's Kitchen Ramadan Special

You Are The Stars!!

It has been a whole week since I last posted on the blog! Having blogged daily for the past month, it kind of feels strange not to write!! lol!
But hey we all deserve a little time off, and I hope you all have enjoyed your Eid break and that all is back to the healthier routines :)

Well this is a very exciting post, as I am announcing the giveaway winners of Dima's Kitchen Ramadan Special. You guys have cooked your way through Ramadan, have shared the photos with me, and have commented, tweeted, liked and asked your friends to vote for your photos.... it is only fitting that you get rewarded for all the fun you were having throughout Ramadan :))

As you know these giveaways have been generously sponsored by the amazing TAVOLA, CitrussTV, KenwoodMEGastronomy by Dima Sharif. Each one of which had brought goodness to our tables and kitchens with gorgeous and outstanding merchandise, products and services. Thank you all for liking their fan pages, and for sharing the love with them as they did with us here.

Dima's Kitchen Ramadan Special 2012 Sponsors & Giveaways

The participants who managed to gather the highest number of points are the winners of this Ramadan Special giveaways. The points were calculated by adding up the total number of recipes carried out from this blog, the number of votes for each of the participants' photos, the number of comments, tweets and interactions participants made this Ramadan. When all was calculated the 10 winners of Dima's Kitchen Ramadan Special turned out as follows....

Dima's Kitchen recipe: Lentil Soup cooked and photographed by Nisreen Shawwa

In First Place - Nisreen Shawwa 
Nisreen had been reading this blog and following Gastronomy by Dima Sharif on facebook ever since it was the facebook group Dima's Kitchen!! A very long time now. I have even met her at one of my demonstrations. She has always been into cooking and has always communicated how she has a passion for food. She loves to cook and to photograph the food as you can see from her pictures.  Nisreen, took the lead this year with a stunning total of 1256 points. This Ramadan Nisreen had cooked an impressive 41 recipes from this blog and had managed to get the most votes for her photos all the while managing to leave extra sweet comments on this blog!

Nisreen won the Staub Cocotte Sponsored by Tavola :) 
Congratulations Nisreen!

Dima's Kitchen Recipe: Fruit Punch prepared and photographed by Amrita Jawahar

In Second Place - Amrita Jawahar 
Amrita had literally cooked her way through this Ramadan! She had carried out a super impressive 61 recipes from this blog along with the votes, comments and interactions she gathered a total of 594 points. Amrita had taken up the kitchen from all corners, she cooked from different cuisines, and prepared all types of food. She even went through the beverages label! No wonder she managed to get the 61 recipes all cooked and photographed! Love your enthusiasm Amrita :)

Amrita won the Staub Grill Pan with Silicon Handles sponsored by Tavola :) Congratulations Amrita!

Dima's Recipe Goats Cheese Balls with Lavender Honey cooked and photographed by Paulita Hesketh

In Third Place - Paulita Hesketh 
Paulita had been in contact with me for a while for cooking courses. She always said she loves cooking but can't cook or bake for her life! I had told her to take on this year's Ramadan Special and see how she was going to massively improve in the kitchen just by reading the posts and carrying out the recipes. And boy did she take this challenge up!! Paulita managed to cook a surprising 64 recipes from this blog!! Making her by far the cook of the most!!! She out cooked all the participants this Ramadan! And she is now a full on Kitchen Diva! I could not be more proud of her and she tells me now that she feels very confident in the kitchen and can host a full dinner as well as cook for her birthday party guests!!
Paulita had gathered a total of 344 points.

Paulita won the Fissler Pressure Cooker Sponsored by Tavola :) 
Congratulations Paulita!

Dima's Kitchen Recipe: Shish Tawooq cooked and photographed by Samah Abu Ghazaleh

In Fourth Place - Samah Abu Ghazaleh 
Samah is the sweetest blog reader ever! She leaves me the kindest and sweetest comments all the time, and she even created an album dedicated to Dima's Kitchen Ramadan Special recipes on her facebook page! She had shared links, and told anyone who would listen to read this blog. I am forever thankful Samah to your kindness and good nature :)
Samah had cooked a total of 52 recipes this Ramadan and continues to cook from this blog even after Ramadan Special is over. She had gathered a total of 223 points.

Samah won the ThermoChef Machine Sponsored by CitrussTV :) 
Congratulations Samah!

Dima's Kitchen Recipe Mini Doughnut Munchkins made and photographed by Rawan Otoom

In Fifth Place - Rawan Otoom 
Rawan Otoom is a fabulous woman whose words melt the heart of a rock. She is the sweetest and the kindest commentator that you can ever meet! I had just this Ramadan got to know Rawan from Jordan, and have just - a few days ago - got to know that she too has a facebook page Rawan's Kitchen! She cooks delectable foods and has a special palate for deserts. She had cooked a great deal from this blog 62 recipes this Ramadan! The food looks gorgeous and the feedback is just as gorgeous as she is :)
Rawan managed to gather a total of 172 points.

Rawan won US$ 200.00 Sponsored by Gastronomy by Dima Sharif :) Congratulations Rawan!

Dima's Kitchen Recipe: Sfeeha dough used for making Zaatar Roll Ups made and photographed by Kholoud Hussein

In Sixth Place - Kholoud Hussein 
Kholoud Hussein is probably the luckiest woman I have ever met! She has repeatedly won giveaways from Dima's Kitchen :)) She really follows the instructions and conditions for qualification and she really goes all out cooking and posting...! Again Kholoud wins with Dima's Kitchen Ramadan Special by cooking a total of 36 recipes and managing to gather a total of 117 points.

Kholoud won the Turkish Coffee Machine Sponsored by CitrussTV :) Congratulations Kholoud!

Dima's Kitchen Recipe Marshmallow Pops made and photographed by Virgini Shan

In Seventh Place - Virgini Shan 
Virgini decided to take up this Ramadan Challenge and cook Arabic food for her family this Ramadan. She had previously told me that it is either her mum or mum-in-law who usually cook for her family, so she was not an experienced cook. She did however decide that she wants to start cooking for her family and this Ramadan special was a very good way for her to impress everyone with a new cuisine and new flavours. She had cooked a really cool total of 50 recipes from this blog this Ramadan and totally won over the hearts of her little ones and hubby :) Also managing to get a total of 64 points. She is now the queen of her kitchen and

Virgini won the Express Grill Machine Sponsored by CitrussTV :) 
Congratulations Virgini!

Dima's Kitchen Recipe: Arabic Spinach Pastries made and photographed by Sarha

In Eighth Place - Sarha 
Despite the fact that Sarha had joined the cooks quite late in the game, she was able to actually gather an impressive total of 51 points. Which had won her eighth place in this Ramadan Special! Way to go Sarha, you are a true example of the saying: "If there is a will, there is a way." 

Sarha won the 4-bladed Chopper/ Mini Blender Sponsored by Kenwood :) Congratulations Sarha!

Dima's Kitchen Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Cake Balls baked, rolled, dipped and decorated by Mehnaz

In Ninth Place - Mehnaz 
Mehnaz Cooked a total of 6 recipes and from the pictures and choice of recipe her sweet tooth shines through :) She has an eye for decoration and a palate for flavour combinations, she has done an excellent job don't you think? These cake balls are gorgeous and absolutely delicious, I know because it is a recipe I am very familiar with lol Good job Mehnaz! You have also managed to gather a total of 20 points.

Mehnaz won the High Tea Course by Dima Sharif - Part 1 Sponsored by Gastronomy by Dima Sharif :) Congratulations Mehnaz!

Dima's Kitchen Recipe: Pistachio Cake with Rosewater Buttercream baked, dressed and photographed by Nielouphar

In Tenth Place - Nielouphar 
Nielouphar is a fellow blogger who started this challenge by making my Brown Lentil Soup recipe and blogging about its goodness and how her family chose it as their new favourite soup :) She then made the very special Pistachio Cake with rosewater cream to celebrate her Anniversary - the stunning photo of this beautiful cake is above. Nielouphar you have done an excellent job, and I am so happy to have contributed to your special day in however small a way :) This Ramadan Special you have managed to gather a total of 13 points.

Nielouphar won the 'Learn the Art of making Chocolate Truffles' Course by Dima Sharif Sponsored by Gastronomy by Dima Sharif :) 
Congratulations Nielouphar!

You too are invited to join us on this fun and delicious Journey

Congratulations Ladies, what a special group you are, and I am the winner of the best gift ever! YOU guys!
I will continue posting, and you guys continue commenting, cooking and sharing photos with me, who knows you might just end up winning some more giveaways soon ;) I am starting the second album of pictures by this blog readers, and for those who missed the first album, here is a link for you to check out. Take a look and see for yourselves the awesome job that these ladies have done! 

You too are invited to join us on this fun and delicious journey. So do drop by often, let us know what you think, cook and share photos with us. Become a member of this community, we love you already for just dropping by :))