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Monday, 13 August 2012

What is Eid Without the best ever Maamool?

What is Eid without Maamool

Eid is almost upon us. Can you believe Ramadan is almost over? Well it almost is, and now is just about enough time to get the maamool going. We all know that Eid is not the same without these absolutely gorgeous date filled little samolina cookies! They are really delicious, especially with morning coffee. One of the best things about this Eid is that you finally get to wake up in the morning and have your morning coffee :) the other best thing is a piece of this sugar dusted cookie to counter balance the bitterness of the coffee. mmm, can't wait! lol

In today's post, I will link 3 maamool recipes for you to choose from. There is my maamool recipe, which includes a step by step tutorial to making maamool together with the 3 classic fillings: (Pistachio, Walnuts and Dates). Despite the common belief, maamool is actually not very difficult to make. So follow this link and follow the instructions fully and you will find that you have made some excellent maamool that looks very elegant and tastes super delicious.

Making Maamool is not very difficult and home-made maamools are super delicious!

In this link you will find Zalatimo's Maamool Recipe. Zalatimo is a very famous Arabic desserts Manufacturers who specialise in Maamool. In Jordan and other countries in the Middle East, Zalatimo Mammol is best loved and always the preferred choice. This recipe is provided by Abdullah Zalatimo himself, the man behind Zalatimo Sweets. It is the original and authentic Zalatimo Mamool Recipe! So check it out and see if you can make Zalatimo Maamool at home ;)
If you prefer or know someone who will need the recipe in Arabic, then follow this link for the translated recipe, or tell your friends to go to this link.

Zalatimo Maamool

Eid is just around the corner, so get going, and make these fabulous Maamool recipes for Eid. You will be very happy you did and so will be all your guests :)

Remember to give this Ramadan, Give out the extras instead of tossing them
Ramadan Kareem