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Thursday, 19 September 2013

#GoOrganic Shredded Beef Tacos & Pico de Gallo (My Way) - Eat Healthy but Don't Eat Boring

Shredded OBE Organic Beef Tacos
#GoOrganic - Eat Healthy, but Don't Eat Boring

Last Saturday I had promised the family a fun movie night at home and serving them a super fun dinner worthy of a fabulous movie night. Normally, everyone wants fun finger foods in a movie night and the preference is always 'diner-style' meals. Burgers, pizzas, chicken wings.... Since we are Going Organic, I wanted to show them that we can still eat fun, delicious, diner style food and still be healthy, organic meal. So I went to carrefour in MOE as I know they have the biggest variety OBE Organic beef and brought the ingredients for making a fabulous movie dinner of shredded beef tacos - my way with all the flavours that I like.

My daughter was very excited as she gets at any chance for her to cook with me, my son is happy with anything crunchy that also includes meat and the hubbs is a sweetheart who gets very excited about fun food, cooking together and is my biggest inspiration in the kitchen. Good family time, fantastic food, and Ace Ventura marathon (kids' brilliant choice)... doesn't get any better. Honestly, while we had stayed in on Saturday, it was one of those days filled with so much fun that we decided it will become a more frequent activity.

The tacos were crunchy, superbly flavoursome and honestly, you will not want the experience to stop. The kids had them without the Pico and loved them, we had them with this gorgeous and spicy Salsa Fresca and we laughed all the way through as Jim Carrey is just phenomenally hilarious!

While we all ate dainty little tacos (but lots), Firas wouldn't settle for anything less than
an OBE Organic Shredded Beef Taco, Upsize! lol

Any takers? Here is the recipe...

Shredded OBE Organic Beef Tacos 
& Pico de Gallo
Makes 8 small tacos - 3 large tacos (also makes extra dry rub for later use)

Try to use organic ingredients whenever possible. The more Organic you go, the more Organic ingredients you will find as the market will have to supply for the demand. OBE Organic beef is available in Carrefour (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), it is also available in Le Marche in Arabian Ranches and Geant in Ibn Battuta Mall. If you do not live in the UAE then check this link for where to buy OBE Organic Beef. Brisket is the best meat cut for shredded beef, however other meat cuts such as skirt, topside roast... can do too. I have gone for the top side as they had just run out of brisket and it worked fabulously.

Hopefully soon, I will post the recipe for making the Tacos at home to ensure using organic tacos too. For now opt for purchasing organic tacos if available.
Feel free to double the quantities if needed.

Organic Produce is really flavoursome
makes all the difference to your cooking
You Need
500 g OBE Organic beef brisket or topside roast
1 recipe All Organic Home-made BBQ sauce
1 pot of organic sour cream
1 large organic beetroot, roasted, peeled then shredded1 small organic cabbage shredded. (Chinese cabbage works brilliantly with this)
8 small tacos or 3 large ones
Mustard to taste

for the Dry Rub 
2 tbsp paprika
1/2 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp ground coriander
2 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 tbsp onion powder
1/2 tbsp garlic powder
1/2 tbsp Smoked Chipotle (optional for spicy)
1 1/2 tbsp salt
1/2 tbsp black pepper

for Pico de Gallo
1 large yellow tomato, deseeded and finely chopped
1 large red tomato, deseeded and finely chopped
1 large green tomato, deseeded and finely chopped
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 small bunch coriander, finely chopped
1 green chili, finely chopped
1/4 cup lime juice
salt & black pepper to taste

The mustard helps the dry rub to adhere to
the beef and gives a tasty flavour to the mix
Start by making the dry rub. Simply mix all ingredients together.

Rub the beef with mustard. The mustard helps the dry rub adhere to the beef, but it also gives a tasty flavour too. Use as much or little as you like. Generously cover the meat with the dry rub on all sides. Place the coated meat on a lightly greased small baking/roasting tray and fill half way with water. Cover the tray tightly and roast, covered in a 450F oven for 2 1/2 hours. you want the meat to reach an effortless shredding form (melt-in-you-mouth kind of experience).

In the oven with the beef, roast the beetroot whole covered with foil for about 40 minutes or until cooked through. Once done, remove and allow to cool, then peel and shred it and set it aside to when you are ready to assemble the tacos.

In the mean time, make the BBQ sauce from this link.

Once the beef is done, remove it from the oven and allow it to rest, covered for 10 minutes. In these 10 minutes make your Pico de Gallo, simply by mixing all the ingredients together.

Shred the beef, by now it should be very simple to shred it as it will just separate anyway. Do not shred it too thin, best to have it shredded slightly thick so you can really taste it. Place the shredded beef in a bowl and dress it generously with the BBQ sauce. Leave for 3-4 minutes to absorb the flavours.

Heat the tacos in the oven, once hot and crispy assemble. Starting with the beef, then topping it with the shredded cabbages, shredded beetroot. Dress lightly with sour cream and top all with the Pico de Gallo.

Serve immediately with more BBQ sauce, sour cream and Pico de Gallo on the side for top ups.  An absolute symphony for the taste buds.

This recipe fits right in with the rest of the recipes in my Mexican Fiesta post :)

All Organic Shredded Beef Tacos with home-made BBQ sauce & Pico de Gallo
with love from OBE Organic


OBE Organic
100% Organic, grass-fed, Halal Beef
If you are interested in making the change then follow my #GoOrganic campaign.

I have teamed up with my friends at OBE Organic to help you learn more about Organic life style, the importance of healthy organic family meals as well as help you find places to shop for Organic food. We even want to help you cook delicious food giving you a selection of fun delicious and healthy recipes to follow that will make you wonder why you did not Go Organic a long time ago :)

Just because we are eating healthy, does not mean we have to eat boring. In fact, Going Organic you will realise that food tastes so much better, because it is back to how it used to taste when it used to be good.

We are also bringing you lots of tips on understanding organic food, the labels when shopping and how to incorporate Organic wherever possible.

We have already started posting tips in the GO ORGANIC photo album on this link. OBE Organic have been posting many Meal suggestions on their facebook page at this link, using their delicious organic beef, which is thankfully now available in Carrefour at Mall of the Emirates, Mirdif City Centre & at the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, as well as Geant, and Le Marche. If you are not in the UAE then check this link for where to buy OBE Organic Beef

We have more posts, tips and recipes to come...
Join us & GO ORGANIC :)


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