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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Italian Cuisine World Summit 2013 - Dubai

The fabulous Chef Giorgio Locatelli talking Italian Truffles 

The first week of November 2013, Dubai Hosted one of the world's most celebrated Culinary Summits, The "Italian Cuisine World Summit". During this glorious Italian culinary marathon the most celebrated Italian Chefs landed on the culinary scene of the city, and explored Italian food with the city's chefs, food and culinary enthusiasts. All exploring their unique cooking Styles, food philosophies and favourite Italian Ingredients. From demonstrations, to menu tastings, discussions and Italian produce this November was every foodie and Chef's Italian dream come true. I, personally had enjoyed the experience so much and have had some of the most fantastic chats about cuisine, cooking techniques and some really superior produce, and we all know how I feel about all these :))

The new white truffle menu at Chef Giorgio's Ronda Locatelli is to die for
make sure to visit the restaurant in Atlantis the Palm and taste Chef Giorgio's
passion for food and excellent produce.
Chef Alissandro Bottazzi
Exec. Chef of Ronda Locatelli
Atlantis the Palm

Of course it is always my absolute pleasure to meet up with one of my favourite chefs ever Chef Giorgio Locatelli, and Chef Alissandro Bottazzi of Ronda Locatelli in Atlantis the Palm. Giorgio Locatelli is very well known around here and needs no introduction. However, I will have to say that he is one of the most passionate people I have ever met, and his company is always inspiring, his stories are always marvelous and his food is just delicious beyond description. His food is a manefestation of his passion and journey through a flavour palate that he paints with his love of Italy and its gorgeous produce. You can taste and experience all this for yourself at his restaurant Ronda Locatelli in Atlantis the Palm, and his new white truffle menu is to die for.

I had also had the pleasure to meet Michelin Chef Sergio Vineis. I had watched him demonstrate a few of his specialty Platters and am telling you, the knowledge, the passion and fine taste are all very evident in his food. I had reveled at watching his Sfoglina hand roll Pasta that he used for preparing the dishes of his demonstration. Absolutely marvelous experience. Chef Sergio is born in Biella and Chef Patron of the Ristorante Il Patio, which holds one Michelin star, located in that same province. "His cuisine is mediterranean, creative and from the terroir. A cuisine with a lot of personality." 

Michelin Chef Sergio Vineis
Demonstrating his take on Traditional Italian Cookery

I was also lucky to meet the Master Michelin Chef Oliver Glowig, watch him demonstrate some fabulous platters and taste his absolutely delicious food. Chef Oliver is a 2 star Michelin Chef, who started his journey alongside his father in Germany. Those early days were marked by his food curiosity and took on an adventurous style. This journey soon took on a passion for artistic experimentations. The art of Chef Oliver is embodied in a journey of flavors and emotions that guide his path. He left Germany in 2001, a year after he earned his first Michelin star restaurant "Watercolor" in Monaco of Bavaria. Headed to the Amalfi Coast, in Italy, where he is the Executive Chef of the restaurant "L'Olivo". In 2004, he confirmed the star he'd earned in Germany, and in 2006, he was recognised with a second Michelin star and 17/20 L'Espresso. "With two Michelin stars, preceded by a score of 17/20 on the Guide de L'Espresso, the restaurant of Oliver Glowing ranks among the top Italian restaurants."

**Michelin Chef Oliver Glowig
Demonstrating his artistic take on Modern Italian & Mediterranean Cuisine

What a fabulous experience it is to see the masters at work. To hear their stories and learn from their techniques, and encyclopedic knowledge of ingredients and cookery. To be inspired by their journeys and food philosophies, I thoroughly enjoyed being in the presence of such glorious food and the people who make it possible to see beyond the limitations of just cookery. People who can transform your understanding of food and can take food to heights unknown before, continuously pushing the envelope of eating experiences. 

I had posted some photos on this link, from the parts of the summit I enjoyed the most. Check them out and see for yourself the Italian culinary heaven I was in! If this post, along with the photos from the album on the link  make you crave Italian food, here are some links for some Italian recipes that you can try at home that will satisfy every crave you have:

The World is Beautiful, all its people are beautiful and all out there for us to explore. Make sure you do :)