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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I Am Back! ... and still talking Adventure, Exploration, Inspiration & Discovery On The Path Of Food

Different are the outcomes despite the oneness of the journey


I am finally back home, and had finally got a minute to sit at my computer!! Catching up with lingering business that's been on hold for a handful over a month is no easy task. But in between all the madness I find a break looking at the 3000+ photos I have taken throughout these trips! Trying to fit some time to categorise them, do a bit of editing and all the while listening to the fabulous music I bought from the destinations, kind of recreating the mood in prep for blog posts :)) Yes I know, my blog had been overly quiet for a while! I love blogging, but I also love to do a bit of living... Once on the road, I find that it defeats the purpose to waste the chance of exploration in order to fit in a post! Add to that, it is really a blessing to be disconnected for a while, as I do find that we are tad over connected, and do need to disconnect once in a while (more on that later). I like to let my experiences sit with me for a while, simmer for all the flavours to be absorbed, then I share. And I share with you merely because when I find things that are so outstanding (and somehow always manage to find such experiences), I really really want to tell you about them, and really really hope to excite you enough to try them yourselves because some experiences can really be life-changing!

During the past month, I have had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with a very rare learning experience. Yes I have explored (my way, whenever possible) but I had also, for the first time, travelled for a project and for the first time was not in control of my time nor activities, as is the case when traveling for work. The whole exercise was great because while normally I find inspirations I hardly ever go through true learning during my journeys; and this was kind of an intensive curve on all fronts.

I have come to learn that having lived in Dubai for the past 10 years and having worked with really like-minded people throughout, as well as kind of having lived a dream, doing what I love the most and meeting the most truly fabulous people ever... all that had softened me up, without me realising! Somehow the past month, I had gone back out to the real world, dealt with diversity, with minimality, and with the uncomfortable facts of life in different parts of the world among many other things.
Don't get me wrong, this is not a complaint! It is in fact an appreciation for this trip that highlighted and reminded me of my choice for difference and why I so adamantly insist to tie food to deeper stuff than just the spread on the table and the "yummy in my tummy" connotations!
I love creativity and creative people, and I always look for new angles and new perspectives. What is the point of being just another copy of the same old thought? And what is wrong with connecting with our humanity through food? I had always believed that food is the tell all medium, and this trip more than any other repeatedly showed me that. Therefore do expect a continuation of my old narrative self where food is the star but one that shares that space with deeper connections. This is after all why I love food, and in my world, things just have to be of an essence!

Having said all this, do give me sometime to work out the photos, the posts and the stories and I will be making your wait worthwhile. I have so much to share with you guys and I can only hope that you like and enjoy the ride. But as always I mostly hope that you will be inspired, somehow!


We took this picture with Chef Juan Mari Arzak, the amazing 3Star Michelin Chef, who won the title "World's Best Chef" 3 years in a row. That year his daughter Helena beat her father winning the title "World's Best Chef".
Between them the restaurant "Arzak" has 4 Michelin Stars!!
Amazing, inspiring and absolutely delicious:))

Since I am talking adventure, exploration and discovery and before I jump into my latest culinary adventure, I want to share with you some of my previous and most exciting culinary adventures... and what best to start with than with the Holy Grail of all culinary destinations!!! The Basque Country in the North of Spain

I am uploading the pictures and posting them on my facebook page "Dima Sharif" along with links to the articles I wrote about this fabulous foodie heaven, in case you are excited enough and want to go on that adventure yourself :)) So feast your eyes on those, until the new posts are ready!