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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Food Styling & Photography Workshop 2014 - Dubai

We are back with 'The Dubai food photography and styling workshop' 2014! 
Diarize the dates: 11th - 12th October 2014 for a two day food styling and photography workshop in Dubai, UAE. 

Over the past few years I have worked with Meeta on a few projects, one of which is the annual 'Food Styling & Photography workshop' we hold in Dubai. Because this workshop is so much fun and always filled with energy, food, props for beautiful styling and a whole lot of clicking and images (all the things I love)... it quickly became one of the highlights that I look forward to the most every year.

Meeta K Wolff

Besides being my friend and the photographer of choice for my cookbook, Meeta K Wolff  is one of those people I love to work with. She is well organised, very talented and knows what she is talking about. I have seen her transform many a beginner photographers to ones who create sensational images with some fabulous styling sense.

Meeta knows what it takes, what needs to be covered and what the participants will benefit from the most. And I love classes that actually do teach you something in the end! Through this workshop Meeta will take you through the steps, technicalities and know hows of food styling and photography all of which will allow you to create mouthwatering food images, with a look and feel that will set the mood and create a moment out of the image rather than just a still shot!

But you are never fully prepared for outstanding food styling and photography if you can't prepare the food! After all food is the star and therefore essential for the final outcome. This is where I come in, to show you how to prepare and cook gorgeous food for photography and how to create out of the box concepts for your food shoots. All of which will happen through cooking demonstrations, hands on cooking and a session on food concepts, visual appeal and having your images almost tasted!

I am going with the 'Modern Arabic Bistro' theme this year, hoping to awaken your imagination to a world of possibilities when it comes to an under-explored area of a cuisine!


This year we also wanted to sizzle a bit more of that passion you are unveiling and therefore wanted you to get a feel of a professional kitchen, and see it in action. Photography is all about finesse and who best to surround ourselves with than the masters of culinary finesse; The School of Culinary & Finishing Arts - SCAFA. Yes, we have teamed up with the awesome SCAFA, located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, and will be holding our workshop there.

We will have exclusive access to the culinary school's professionally equipped kitchens where there will not only be the several cooking demos but also SCAFA's labs provide the ideal space for our photography and styling sessions with lots of natural light, individual workstations and presentation room. We will also enjoy relaxed meals and chill-out at their own restaurant Scafé.

As ever, the workshop is never complete without the gorgeous and absolutely delicious creations of Lafayette Gourmet's Russell Impiazzi.  Lafayette Gourmet's support, along with Russell's glorious creations have been invaluable to the success of this workshop. Besides providing all the fab ingredients for the workshop, the Welcome Brunch, prepared by Russell, not only tastes absolutely Divine, but puts us all in the mood for creating awesome food and marvelous pictures. It sets the pace for the workshop, instantly making you unable to resist clicking as you will want to capture every millimeter of the beautiful selection he prepares. You will also be treated to a just as great Finale Dinner, prepared by the master himself!

While last year, it was a North African tour, sampling the authentic cuisines of Egypt to Morocco, away from the glamour of New Dubai, and more in the tucked away hidden gems; this year is another tour in the same set up, however we will be devouring Meena Bazaar (Dubai's Little India), and tasting the flavours of Indian steert food with Arva Ahmed's Frying Pan Adventures....

Arva's passion, stories and knowledge of the backstreets of Dubai allow her tours to be so exciting and full of inspiration. And this will ignite your passion for food photography and capturing these food moments, be it for a client or for your own memories.

This workshop is all about allowing you to discover your passion, to tap your own creativity and improve your personal style. Therefore it is designed to inspire you, challenge you, help you develop... all in a fun atmosphere, filled with energy and excitement.

Therefore, do join us, we love nothing more than meeting you and enjoying all this excitement with you.

Here is the 2-day workshop schedule:

Day one - Saturday 11th October 2014

  • Brunch
    Meet and Greet Brunch to and Introduction
  • Photography Fundamentals & Techniques by Meeta Wolff
    Capturing the perfect shot: Mastering the camera, harnessing and understanding natural light, finding your focus, the angles etc. 
  • Styling Techniques by Meeta Wolff
    How to style your shot: composition and placement, creating a mood/atmosphere, the importance of props, color, texture etc.
  • Styling demo & the secrets of a food stylist by Meeta Wolff
  • Free-Style Photography Exercises - Group Work
  • The Eye Eats First by Dima Sharif
    The key elements to conveying food in photography (from a food perspective). Change the way you view food and take your concepts out of the box; the only way to be outstanding.
  • Indian Street Food & Dinner by Frying Pan Adventures
    Discovering the Indian in you!
    A delicious and unique food tour through the backstreets of Old Dubai. 

Day two - Sunday 12th October 2014

  • One-on-one time and Q&A
  • Enhancing your Images with Lightroom by Meeta Wolff
  • Cooking demo and cooking techniques by Dima Sharif
  • Modern Arabic Bistro Lunch by Dima Sharif
  • Intensive work on assignment - Group work
  • Evaluation, discussion & critique on assignment
    Constructive feedback, discussion and critique on exercises
  • Finale Dinner prepared by Russell Impiazzi
Further details for the announcement:
Event Cost: Euro 520 / AED 2650
  • 2 day food styling, photography and cooking demo sessions with Meeta & Dima
  • Friday: Meet & Greet Brunch and Street Food Tour & Dinner;
    Saturday: Modern Arabic Bistro Lunch & Cooking Demo, and Finale Dinner
  • Snacks and beverages during the workshop
  • Transport to and from the off-site assignment
  • All material/equipment is provided for the shooting /styling sessions
Does NOT include:
  • Travel to Dubai and venue, travel insurance
  • Accommodation (this can be arranged at a special rate upon request)
Workshop venue: SCAFA School of Culinary and Finishing Arts, Jumeirah Lakes Tower, Dubai, UAE
Website: http://scafa.ae/
Limited to 10 participants
Payment: Full payment upon registration, no refunds
Please Note: The organizers reserve the rights to modify the programme should the need arise.
Presentations and main workshop language will be in English (instructors speak German, Arabic and Hindi and is aimed towards beginners, novice and advanced level participants). 

Our generous supporters and partners for the Dubai Workshop 2014 
SCAFA, Dubai’s School of Culinary and Finishing Arts (2012), is an innovative vocational institute focusing on guiding professionals and enthusiasts in learning culinary techniques and kitchen skills. Accredited by KHDA, SCAFA runs professional culinary programs that certify graduates as qualified chefs. The school also runs many enthusiast programs such as team building with cooking, children’s cooking classes, pastry and baking sessions, cake decorating, fundamentals of cuisine, etc.  In addition to offering a range of culinary programs, SCAFA has a student training restaurant Scafé attached to the school. At SCAFA, we don’t just practice recipes, we teach techniques!

"Students that enroll in SCAFA’s programs have varied reasons for joining the program. Many want a professional hospitality career, to become a restaurateur, a patissierre. We also enroll students with wonderful creativity whose interests lie in food styling and photography. We want our students to understand and appreciate the wider opportunities that lie in wait for them and SCAFA is the perfect setting for running the photography workshop. Working with renowned food photographer Meeta Wolff and celebrity chef Dima Sharif is a wonderful opportunity and experience for our students and we are thrilled to be the host of the 2014 Food Photography Workshop."

Lafayette Gourmet, temple to gastronomy and gourmandize, offers a whole range of flavors from all over the world.. Guaranteed to find all what it takes to fulfill your taste buds.Experience the diversity from 8 kitchens in one location: Indulge in Italian specialties and wood fired pizzas, great salads from The Mediterranean, Asian favorites, Indian tandoor and curries, primes steaks from the Grill, Foie gras and Caviar from the Luxury section, authentic Tapas and Paella from Tapeo to Just Falafel.

Lafayette Gourmet have partnered with Meeta Wolff's workshop again in 2014 supplying fresh ingredients and luxury ingredients for the multiple styling and photography sessions. Furthermore, Russell Impiazzi, Director of Lafayette Gourmet, will personally create a extravagant and special menu as a special finale dinner on Sunday and provide a luxurious welcome brunch for participants on Saturday.


Little India Tour by Frying Pan Adventures
We step off the beaten path to explore Meena Bazaar - Dubai's unassuming Little India. Amidst this bustling market of Bollywood style glamorous outfits, street hawkers and cheap electronics are family-run kitchens that effortlessly break stereotypical notions of what Indian food is meant to be. We'll show you how to eat the messiest of Indian street snacks, where to buy the freshest Indian bread and even how to drink frothy & freshly filtered South Indian coffee!

We all know that when it comes to the most exclusive, luxurious and out there fresh produce, then Lootah Premium Foods are the ones to bring it to the table. And they are so generously bringing these ingredients to the #DubaiFoto2014 table. They will be providing ingredients as well as goodie bag items for participants to feast on when all is said and done.

West Elm Middle East Our Partners who have generously provided the props for #DubaiFoto2014

If you haven't checked out @westelmmena in #Dubai#mall you really must, they have gorgeous stuff for your home and I especially love their kitchen and tableware absolutely gorgeous I had gone there to pick up props for the food styling and photography workshop @meetakwolff and I are holding this Saturday/Sunday and have honestly picked almost every piece they have!! Go check them out.

What is food if it is not including a little bit of sweetness? And what is a goodie bag if not including Balqees Honey! Our continuous partners Balqees honey are again generously offering their outstanding honey for participants to feast on and photograph.
If you have not yet tried Balqees Honey then you still don't know honey, because Balqees is the very definition of honey at its best, raw and uninterrupted absolutely Divine!

My amazing friends and #DubaiFoto2014 partners Baker & Spice Dubai are generously providing the second day breakfast and gorgeous breads, pies and other bakes for participants to practice their new photography skills as well as treat their taste buds with the famous and best loved Baker & Spice food's wholesome goodness. Not only that but participants will be taking home a goodie bag to continue feasting and deliciously photographing


Of course if anyone is to ever blow their own trumpet then we all know that person is I :)))
So here I am blowing...

But first, and most important Meeta K. Wolff. Who will be showing the works of cameras, edits, styles, scene, mood and capturing deliciousness as she does best at her Meeta K. Wolff Photography

As for me, you know I am the best out there to talk food heheheh focus is on "talk" then food because if food is not to tell a story then a very important ingredient is missing and it is the one ingredient that makes all the difference. So I shall be demonstrating cooking for photography, why the eye eats first and hopefully sharing with you the way to tell those stories through the food you prepare and eventually photograph and share.

I will also be contributing to your goodie bags as always with tasters of my most recent food stories and the precious Family Farm Palestinian Olive Oil.

So in short if you have missed this one#DubaiFoto2014, make sure you don't again and that you join us next year in #DubaiFoto2015