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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How to Prepare Artichokes for Stuffing

Are you like me? I love artichokes whichever way they are prepared. But they have to be fresh artichokes, because I really do not like the watered down, brined, canned ones. It is unfortunate that we don't always get fresh artichokes here, because I love this vegetable, love preparing it and then really enjoy eating it too. Well if you do get your hands on fresh artichokes, don't be intimidated by the look of it, it is not hard to prepare at all. However, using fresh ones will make all the difference to the flavour and texture of your food.

Watch Michelin Chef Oliver Glowig, prepare his artichokes creating little cups for stuffing. These prepared artichokes can then be filled with any of your desired fillings and served as an appetiser, or as part of a salad. Bigger ones can be prepared the same way, and they can be filled and cooked, served as a side dish or the main meal. There is really no limit to what you can do with artichokes and no limit to how much every one will love them, once made using fresh ones.

You can fill artichokes with almost anything. For a cold appetiser try cheese and nuts (fetta and pistacchios, cream cheese and almonds, blue cheese and pecans...), also try filling them with labneh and zaatar or a mixture of labneh, grated parmesan and basil... You can use artichokes as cups to fill with salad. Think dressed corn salad, chopped palmitos and mushrooms, even a tomato salsa will work.
For main course filled artichokes, go for the bigger artichokes and fill them with a basic rice and minced meat stuffing and cook them in tomato sauce, or a classic minced meat and pine nuts stuffing. you can stuff them with minced meat, top them with grated mozzarella and a layer of bread crumbs then bake them along with tomato sauce... really the sky is the limit!

You can also follow Chef Oliver's recipe on this link for stuffing the artichokes: Lobster Carppaccio Over Stuffed Artichokes

On this link, "Foodie Focus" episode with Dareen Charafeddin, the Founder of Book Munch Cafe, who shares with us how she balances a demanding career and raising kids. Her approach had helped her achieve balance between work and home, and will hopefully help you too. 

Oliver Glowig

Chef Oliver is a 2 star Michelin Chef, who started his journey alongside his father in Germany. Those early days were marked by his food curiosity and took on an adventurous style. This journey soon took on a passion for artistic experimentations. 

The art of Chef Oliver is embodied in a journey of flavors and emotions that guide his path. He left Germany in 2001, a year after he earned his first Michelin star restaurant "Watercolor" in Monaco of Bavaria. Headed to the Amalfi Coast, in Italy, where he is the Executive Chef of the restaurant "L'Olivo". In 2004, he confirmed the star he'd earned in Germany, and in 2006, he was recognised with a second Michelin star and 17/20 L'Espresso. 

"With two Michelin stars, preceded by a score of 17/20 on the Guide de L'Espresso, the restaurant of Oliver Glowing ranks among the top Italian restaurants." 

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