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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Learn From The Masters Of Italian Cuisine & Get Professionally Certified In Just 7 Days!

The courses offered by #ItalianCuisineWorldSummit 2014 in Dubai this November.
All you need to know before you book your seat. Including 2 accounts from 2 Dubai-based food bloggers who have attended a masterclass (at the end of this post)

Traditionally, in Italian cuisine the fresh pasta dough is prepared by a specialised woman
and the term sfoglina is used in reference to the woman who hand-makes the pasta.

Professional Italian Cooking Certificate of Proficiency

Make that dream a reality

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One of the main features of the Italian Cuisine World Summit taking place in Dubai throughout November is the extensive series of cooking classes, that will be held at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, where the participants will learn from the masters of Italian cuisine, including the Michelin Chefs who will be in Dubai by mid week. These courses are aimed towards both industry professionals looking to take their skills to the next level, as well as serious amateurs aspiring to take their hobby up professionally and start a career in Italian cooking, as participants in these courses (full course) will receive an accredited professional certificate that will enable them to work in the field and also increase their chances of finding better jobs. This could be especially great for foodies who wish to acquire the professional skills that will allow them to excel to the next level and improve their chances at paid jobs.

Full course participants will learn how to prepare a range of healthy, nutritious yet tasteful Italian dishes (pasta, risotto, salads etc), choosing ingredients, flavour strategies and using the latest professional equipment. There will also be classes on Italian baking and pastry principles, as well as healthy cooking methods. In true hospitable Italian style, the courses include the lunch that comes at the end.

The full course is a total of 60 hours, completed over 7 days in which a total of 20 hours will be hands-on. You will learn from Master Italian Michelin Chefs, cuisine educators and experts as well as renowned food producers and also from Italian Cuisine Master Chefs with extensive experience in Italian Restaurant Management Abroad.

The Course fees: Originally AED 9500.00, but for we are offering a 40% discount making it for AED 5700.00 only (applicable only for the early bookings) ! Really not a huge amount considering you will be learning from the best of the best and will be receiving a professional certificate. 
(Get in touch for your discount voucher)

The full course is available twice throughout November you can choose the course that best suits your schedule. 

“It presents a unique opportunity to take cooking classes with a Michelin-starred chef at very affordable prices,” 
commented Rosario Scarpato,
Creator & current Director of the Summit.

Another full and certified course is the 
Italian White Truffle Expert Certificate
Which is actually the first of its kind in the world. You will learn all there is to know and learn about the Italian White Truffles. From mycology to geology, to the best types, to their economy and even tastes, uses and best practices! All in 4 sessions (3 hours each). 

You will in the end become the truffles expert at only AED 2500.00!

If you feel that a full course and a professional certificate are too much for you however still wish to join specific classes from the links above you still can. You can go for 1 whole day and learn the topic of your chosen day for AED 950.00 ( exclusive 25% discount available for groups of 3+ participants). Or you can go for 1 session that covers just 1 specific area for AED 250.00/session (no discounts available for this option). the one-day / one-session option is an excellent way to brush up on any skill you feel is useful to you or your free-lance foodie requirements as you will learn these skills from those who have best mastered them.

With that said, please note that professional certificates are only awarded to those who participate in the full 7-day course.

All these classes will be held at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, with a different chef holding morning and afternoon master classes on each of the days throughout the two weeks. Each will provide a hands-on learning experience on different aspects of Italian cuisine and contemporary trends.

“Last year’s Summit was a tremendous success for both chefs and delegates,” Scarpato said. “The objective this year is to continue to present the quality and variety of Italian cuisine, targeted at all those who love their food. If you are passionate about food and love to cook, this year’s Summit is a unique opportunity.”

Watch these 2 videos from last year's Italian Cuisine World Summit, featuring **Chef Oliver Glowig, demonstrating an impressive appetiser with Artichokes and lobster tails.

Dubai-based food bloggers have attended some masterclasses, find their description of the experiences on the links below:

Video 1 - Preparing The Artichokes For Stuffing

Video 2 - Creating The Appetiser

For more information on how to register for classes, contact Patrizia Castellani on +971-55-7804746,, or visit
To get 40% discount, email to receive your discount voucher