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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Masterclasses With Michelin Chefs - All the details for this week's classes

Why not? Just go for it!

If you still have not attended a masterclass with the Italian Cuisine World Summit Michelin Chefs and Italian cuisine experts don't miss out! Because these classes are truly remarkable. I mean how many times do we get the chance to learn from Michelin chefs and cuisine experts, who spent years practicing and perfecting their techniques and skills? This is a rare chance to do so and only 4 days are left.

Those who attended the classes have really enjoyed them and found them informative and very useful. Here are a few accounts by Dubai-based food bloggers on the sessions they attended.
So go ahead and book your masterclass. Below are the details for the remaining 4 days, where you have the day's topic, timing as well as the Michelin chefs demonstration sessions.

The sessions are all held at the The Emirates Academy Of Hospitality Management. The price of the session is AED 250.00

Contact Patrizia for more details or to register +971 55 780 4746




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