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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Michelin Starred chefs at Eataly, Dubai Mall

On November 13th-16th and 18th EATALY Dubai Mall will host an Italian Michelin-Stared Chef who will prepare a special Italian dish, as part of the Italian World Cuisine Summit.

If you are a food lover, if you enjoy cooking or if you are fascinated by real master chefs' creativity, here is your chance to see how they work, to interact with them and taste their specialties. The guest celebrity chefs will design and execute (with the support of the in-house chef and his brigade ) one special dish for these three days.
  • Chef Rosanna Marziale will be there on the 13th from 7 - 10pm, to cook with fresh mozzarella.
  • Chef Pasquale Palamaro will be there on the 16th, 1- 4 pm, to prepare fresh pasta.
  • Chef Salvatore Bianco will be there on the 18th 1- 4 pm, to do dry pasta.
As you watch what the chefs are preparing, and if they work your appetite to try these creations, you will be able to do so as everything they create will be on the menu that day.
“We wanted to give our customers a unique experience. It is not everyday that you interact and see for free some of the best chefs in the world cooking live and giving their tips”
says Kevin Landi , Senior Brand Manager at Eataly

the guest chefs

Indaco Restaurant, Ischia (Napoli)*

Born on the island of Ischia in 1978, Chef Pasquale Palamaro transformed his passion for cooking into a career, as in the proverb, "Find a job you love and you will never work again." After various work experiences, a window of opportunity opened for Chef Palamaro in 2009 when he joined Indaco restaurant in the famous Hotel Regina Isabella in Ischia.  His cuisine features mainly seafood and is highly influenced by the territory. Chef Palamaro was awarded a Michelin star in 2013.

Il Comandante, Napoli *

Executive Chef of Il Comandante, the flagship gourmet restaurant of the Romeo hotel. Chef Bianco´s dishes are infused with the flavors and aromas of the Gulf of Naples and also reflect his love for marrying ingredients and influences from other cultures and territories.
Chef Bianco's cuisine is expressed through plates of rare elegance, created with the highest quality ingredients, carefully prepared as not to alter the original flavors and essences of the raw materials and nutritional value. Research, passion, culture and respect for the land, plus a strong aesthetic give life to gourmet creations that seduce the eyes and palate.

Le Colonne di Caserta*

"I started out working with Visscher and Martin Berasategui, but I have Campania in my heart and in my soul. I put everything of my land into the dishes I prepare both in my family’s restaurant and elsewhere. My cooking is inspired by local tradition, historic dishes from the Campania and especially by the incredible raw materials of the territory." Mozzarella di Bufala, Olive oil from the Campana, caprese, pasta and pizza are transformed into Palla di Mozzarella, Pizza al Contrario, Tonkatsu, Sfera bianca con ripieno rosso.

The Italian Cuisine World Summit from November 7th-20th will bring together the best Italian food, Michelin-starred chefs and culinary experts from Italy to showcase, celebrate, promote and educate about traditional Italian products and cuisine. 
For more information about the summit: www.italiancuisinesummit.com