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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The UAE Never Ceases To Amaze!

I know you guys already know this and I do not need to pitch it!! After all YOU ARE FOLLOWING THIS BLOG ;) the pitching is meant for the new joiners & those still considering :))

Check out the video below and see how100% #Fresh #Organic #Local produce is available every day of the week and all year round in a country that so far had been famous for so many things, but not exactly famous for farming and agriculture!... But as a matter of fact, the UAE never ceases to amaze! And just as you think you have it all figured out, you find there is more! Yes the glamour, the hotels, the exquisite lifestyle, the restaurants and all that there is to do... But one thing you really must be in on, is the local organic farms!! Beautiful, fresh, local, seasonal and organic produce is being grown and gathered here in the UAE and the farmers love nothing more than making this produce available to all. They love telling you about it, they love having you taste it and they love taking care of your and your family's health.

So (wait for it, here comes my pitch... lol... but really:) ... Why not go for it? Why not  #EatRealFood? don't settle for less, because your health matters but also because it is the only way that food is actually good!

There really is a huge difference btwn wht comes out of earth & wht comes out of a box! #SupportLocal CLK 2tweet

While I have been telling you loads about The Farmers' Market On The Terrace (since last season) now I want you to see how many people are really supporting this agricultural scene in the UAE. I want you to see how many people think it is important to support this, to make it accessible and also  affordable. A lot of people in the UAE have huge respect for real and good food, for more ethical practices, for their customers' health and for the quality of what they serve. This is why the culinary scene of Dubai is hugely expanding and becoming way more interesting by the minute. No longer does 'anything fly' over here, no longer can greatness be achieved by serving just about anything out there! No! Today, even the food you eat at home has become better, healthier and plain goes with the requirements of the time and our modern lives. The only limit to that is really each one's personal choice.

 So here we go, meet The Farm House, one of the biggest supporters of local organic farming and produce and see how they support Agriculture in the UAE as well as the whole #Fresh #Local #Organic #Choice

Do check out other posts and videos about going organic, choosing local, eating seasonal, meeting the farmers, responsible business choices, and sustainability as I had been posting many over the years, all of which I think are essential modern knowledge and understanding... The labels list is on the side bar to the right.

On another but relative note, check out the photo album on this link for #UAENationalDay Celebrations at the beach in JBR, some captured moments of that fun day... also find there one of my 'new on the list of fave' restaurants at the beach. EAT GREEK gets the thumbs up from because it was Divinely delicious (no exaggerations) a lot of healthy choices that don't feel like settling and an over all amazing experience and ambience that makes you feel you've taken a quick vacation somewhere far away when it really was a close-by and quick Breakcation!

Yalla, be back soon :)

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