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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

New Conversations!

Wishing you all a peaceful month filled with love and light. Hoping your tables will be filled with blessings, heartfelt chats, surrounded by loved ones and of course delicious food!

For the first time, since I started blogging, I am not having a Ramadan Special this year! My table is very full and so much on my plate, but I am hoping to still make it to your tables through the many recipes I have posted on this blog and the many cooking tips and explanations. Also by heart, through the many menus of food for thought already on this blog. However by food through my new line of Organic Mooneh (pantry) products that are now available at Baker and Spice, and The Change Initiative. Do pick your organic pickles and outstanding limited edition olive oil and allow me to contribute to your Ramadan flavours with this very mindful range

I will also be delighted if you take me along with you when visiting your family and friends by grabbing our beautiful Ramadan hamper from The Change Initiative or a fabulous basket from Baker and Spice... 

This year as you can see I am all about taking the conversation and thoughts back to land and home... Whether by this new line of organic pantry essentials, by my upcoming cookbook or through the many activities I am taking part in... So stay tuned and listen to my conversation, perhaps watch it and at times see it or read it... Most importantly savour it and reflect... Because as ever it is all about mindfulness and mindful choices. 

Stay tuned as more to come and I will be telling you more about the all new brand Dima Sharif

I will be on the Radio (Dubai eye with Suzanne Radford over the next couple of Thursday's in the morning) so do tune in and let me hear from you.

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you :)