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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

All Things Together - Two Refreshing Iced Teas, Cookbook & News

Gosh! Sometimes it feels like I have been away from blogging for ages!! You see, while I do love this little space of mine, I hardly get a chance to blog lately taking everything else I am working on at the moment. So here I am with a bit of update on my cookbook that's been a major occupier of my time and mind! And while am at it, and while the weather is still too warm here in Dubai, I thought why not include a couple of my favourite iced tea recipes that will keep you refreshed as the heat starts washing off allowing for fall to finally visit Dubai :) The Lime Mint Iced Tea is one of my recent crazes and the Orange Mint Tea is one that reminds me of my childhood home and our farm's famous oranges! So two of my favourite things!

Speaking of favourite things, I have lately been consumed with all my favourite things together! Keep note of the expression "All things together" because this phrase not only sums up myself, my life and my book! (oops! yes, my book is well underway and coming your way very soon) Which when you get your hands on it and read it, you will see how such a simple phrase goes a long way to encompass all. Yes I know I sometimes tend to go far with words, I like the sound of some, and love the thoughts that combinations create, but never did I ever imagine, I was going to boil down to "all things together". 

So news number 1
There is not a good thing that can be rushed. Rushed work is just that: rushed. Trendy. Fast to come, fast to go. While mine had definitely taken a very very long time (much longer than I anticipated) but hey, this book had proven to me that it had a mind of its own. One that possessed me, took over my
life for a while, and made sure it was not to be rushed. It had to be done, redone, and redone some more... researched, researched and then some more (as you will read in its introduction)... and then more... until it was Dima perfect!

While that had frustrated me tremendously in the past, I am honestly happy it did the way it happened. Simply because as the writer, this book is a journey. Yes it is a cookbook, I know what you are thinking, but if you know me at all by now, you will know already that I do not do well with labels and limitations. I have always felt free to let my mind wander, and prefer "all things together" and my own definition of things and limitlessness. In this regards, this book is

definitely a cookbook: with over 280 recipes, techniques explained, history of food and even classifications of cuisine... but this book is ultimately a story. A story of a multitude of stories all intertwined and all related, about "all the things together". 

Therefore it was a journey, that while I wrote, I also lived and experienced. And as such it took me through the writing journey of writers I only read about and never thought to relate to! For that I am honestly grateful.

Where we are today is in the final phases I hope. But I do know for sure that we are on the countdown! How long exactly, you will have to wait and see, it could be sooner than you think. And I have so many things lined up in this effect, and right now just waiting for the snowball to start rolling! Very Soon you will be seeing bits and pieces of it previewed just to keep you on your toes because you are going to love it am sure!

My friend and Food Photographer of choice, Meeta K Wolff who's done the book's photography had been very patient as I had put her on a very long list of restrictions in regards to showing her work. Basically she's had to hold on to all the pictures, not produce anything similar, nor show them to a soul beyond herself!! You can imagine her frustration. She has managed to convince me to show some pictures at our Food Styling & Photography Workshop taking place on 7-8 October and so our participants will be the first ever to see some of the book's images and hear me read out an excerpt from the book!!! My heart pounds just as I think of this! Meeta says to me: "Baby Steps... we will take baby steps... we have to let go of our baby, bit by bit..." heheh to which I reply: "I doubt I can do that, I want to hold on to this forever" like the mother that never wants to let go of her grown child!! another story featured in the book!!! You see, all things together and all intertwined!

PS we are fully booked for the workshop, thank you all who registered so much for joining our journey. Also we have a fabulous list of sponsors (our permanent ones and some new sponsors) without the support of whom the fun would not be the same! However, I will keep all workshop updates and posts, separate to follow.

And Finally my absolute favourite time of year in Dubai is here. Yes you guessed it, it is when Dubai's food scene takes a complete turn upwards, to the stars, to The Michelins, the top tier of Chefs, the best of Italy! Yes the Italian Cuisine World Summit, which is in the making as we speak. I have loads to share with you about the summit, we are putting things together and we will be announcing all in time. SO make sure you are tuned, as you will hear it here first!

These are the updates of the latest news. I have kept a few for later, like my DS Organic Mooneh Essentials that will be officially launched during this year's Farmers Market On The Terrace. There is Italy's videos and the USA posts and videos (very eye opening trip and many exciting things to tell you about) but these all have to wait now, as we are in Book, Workshop and Summit times!

Here are the iced tea recipes