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Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Pizza Maker - Can one's passion for what they do be captured in images?

I was post processing some of the images I had taken over the past two weeks and when it came to 'The Pizza Maker' section, I remember thinking - as I looked through my camera's finder and closely watched every move that the pizza maker was doing - what amount of patience and passion for a profession is required for a person to do the same mechanical performance, day in and day out, tireless, without rest, at times over hundreds of times...! As I watched the pizza maker over three full days: performing, stretching, dusting, sliding, turning, pulling, slicing and serving; one by one, piece by piece... I found a form of beauty, one that I myself had to be very patient and very passionate to capture, because otherwise, it will have gone unnoticed!
And it is: The Pizza Maker's Passion

Without any more words, I will leave you with the images...
And will leave it up to you to decide whether or not passion can be captured in pictures.

And when the energy dropped, acrobats was the lifter of choice, here are some pics...

How much do you have to love what you do, to do this repetitive, mechanical, physical and demanding job, day in day out? There is way more to food and the ones who prepare our food than meets the eye, and I always find it best through my camera's finder!

What do you think? Do images capture sentimental dimensions?

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