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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hear Hear... You are gonna love this!

I am so excited about getting together with you Next Tuesday May 10th at the Home Centre store at Mirdif City Centre where I will demonstrate 2 Ramadan desserts that I have developed especially for you guys this Ramadan. The desserts are all about slow-releasing sustainable energy to last you throughout the full day of fasting! Yes you will actually learn how to make desserts that are just super good for you and will help you fast better!!! What more can any sweet treat do really?!
Well if that sweet also works for #diabeticPatients and can be packaged for gifting during Ramadan and also (yes there is more!!) is whipped up in less that 15 minutes!!!!

I will also be arranging a Ramadan Table, plating some food so you can reacreate the experience at home. You will get all the recipes, will taste all the food and I will also be signing my book if you wish to purchase a copy :) I am telling you, it's just not be missed!

Join me next Tuesday, pass this on to your friends and do come in groups, I love nothing more... We will cook, eat, share, chat and just have a good morning together! Oh, and please do RSVP.

So looking forward to this ;)

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These recipes of mine are dedicated to your and your family's health...