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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Michelin Visit To Old Dubai

The Chefs:
"We should go to Old Dubai. We hear there is an amazing spice market there."
"Is it true that the old spice routes from India and Asia passed by there in the old days?"

"Why don't we go check it out? I can take you there."

And we went.

Last November, and during the Italian Cuisine World Summit - which takes place in Dubai annually (in November), and where the top Italian Michelin Chefs hail from across the globe to participate in this event - the chefs eagerly asked to go to the Old part of Dubai, where the old souk is and where the well known Dubai spice market resides. I thought why not arrange for them to go visit and also thought it will make a perfect preview video of what you can do or find when at the old quarter of Dubai. So I took them and filmed throughout the day.

I did not have any script in mind or any specific concept behind this video. I just wanted to film as we go and see what experiences they will find there without any interference from my side. The whole thing was very spontaneous and not planned, because after all when visiting a place, we are most likely to find interesting stories at every corner. If we are curious, want to know and interactive with the world around us, we might even find stories that move us and perhaps even touch us emotionally.

This is exactly what happened with Chef Walter Potenza, who (again not planned) ended up being the main character in this video, because he was so curious and interactive, he found himself really moved and emotional by the experience (you can even hear it in his voice).

I love this video because we all like to travel, and one way or another in our travels we are all looking for something. An experience that speaks to us, an inspiration, a glimpse of something new coming into our lives and giving us a push forward. This video has all that and is an encouragement for all of us to look around us and look for the beauty and inspiration in all our experiences. Best of all, this video shows us by example that unless we are curious, unless we do interact, and unless we really take a moment to truly experience a place; we will only remain passers by who stroll the streets as though they were just another set of streets.

Watch the video below and join our conversation there.
Share with us your thoughts, you never know who you could end up inspiring! Let me know if you have ever had such an experience where you felt a connectedness with a place new to you? Have you ever went on a trip and become emotional about your experience there and tell me what made you so emotional?
Or share with me your tips on how to dig for and find interesting experiences when traveling?

I love to hear your stories and am sure we will all learn something in the end.

PS if any of your friends love traveling and exploring new places and experiences, share this post with them and ask them to join our conversation.
Just imagine the amount of inspiration and knowledge we can generate if everyone chips in here!

Love always
Dima x

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much".  - Helen Keller