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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A Gift That Gives Back : My gift to you this festive season

buy a copy of my book Plated Heirlooms for yourself and get a free copy to gift to someone special this festive season.
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As the festive season approaches, we are happy preparing for visiting family members, and I am personally planning menus for all the celebrations, for those dinners and lunches I will be hosting... we are just about bringing out the ornaments and getting that tree decorated, ready to bring the festive spirit to our homes, ourselves and our guests... And just about now we are thinking of all the special people to us and what we can gift them to express our love, appreciation and also to give them a thoughtful gift to end 2016 and welcome a brand new 2017.

Since this time of year is all about family, celebrating the great people who have been a part of our lives from the beginning and those amazing ones who joined along the way... and since it is a time of sharing; be it a meal, a gift or our mere company and attention... and since food is a major part of our gatherings, what better way to celebrate this time than with our Plated Heirlooms. Those recipes we grew up eating, those aromas from our childhood homes, those flavours of mothers' love and the comfort of knowing we are loved and cared for.
Freekeh and nuts stuffed quails. an amazing option to serve
on your festive tables.
Recipe and full instructions in the cookbook Plated Heirlooms

We all have plated heirlooms, no matter who we are, even if in a cheese sandwich, if it was served with love, care and giving.. and if it connects to a memory and if it brings back fond times, comfort and joy then that too is a plated heirloom. And these plated heirlooms are just the most precious possessions we have, as not only do they physically sustain us, and have done, but also spiritually enrich us.

I have written a whole book about this thought, Plated Heirlooms I called it. And it truly is the single most significant thing I have done ever. Because in it I explain to my children the meaning of love. In it I teach them about the significance of family. In it I tell them about the importance of all humanity. In it I document the food and cuisine of a people and a country and in it I pass on these recipes and sentiments to those who follow.

But I have not written this book only for my children, but also for all of us. As a reminder of good times, as a resurrection of those foods, aromas and memories, as a tool for you to cook this amazing food and as a heartwarming read of simple things, ordinary, everyday things that in them have great meaning, great love, great joy and really good food. Plated Heirlooms is a cookbook but one that will serve you what any good eating experience serves: a conversation and a story communicated through flavours, textures, aromas and the combination of things.

I know I will be gifting this beautiful book, my 'Plated Heirlooms', to my precious friends and family members this Christmas. I know I will have it under the tree this year for my special people. And since you too are planning your gifts for your precious family members and special friends, I want you to get the best out of this and don't want you to miss out! 

So because you are thinking of others, I want to think of you and as such, for every Plated Heirlooms copy you purchase, I will gift you one for free. I want to make sure you have a copy for your collection and also give one to someone special to you.
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Such good times the end of every year is. I always take this time to look back slightly and look ahead mainly. In every end, I always find a lot of hope and I always find new beginnings. May the end of this year be full of hope and may 2017 be full of new and amazing beginnings for you all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years
Love x