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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Foodie Alert!! Sharing with you the part of food I am known for and love the most: "Food History"

Italian Michelin Chef Tony Lo Coco & Dima Sharif

The Italian Cuisine World Summit is back in town. This yearly affair - that hails all things Italian cuisine on to Dubai, from over 40 of The world's top Italian Michelin Chefs, to Italian artisans and producers, Italian produce and ingredients, to celebrated Italian chefs & restaurants in Dubai - has made this time of year an exciting and anticipated 10 days for Italian cuisine lovers.

Having worked with the summit organisers from the first year they came to Dubai, it was only natural that we discuss and bring in the original ties between the ancient Arabic cuisine and the historical Italian cuisine. So this year we are doing that but rather than being in closed discussions amongst us, we thought it would be very informative, interesting and important to bring this discussion to the forefront and to the public. 

Therefore this year we have designed an event in collaboration with Italian Michelin Chef Tony Lo Coco who is originally from Sicily- the event will take place at Per Te Italian Restaurant in Jumeirah - where we will discuss the true story of Pasta, one of the most important ingredients in Italian cuisine and its Arabic origins. Yes contrary to common belief, pasta is in fact an ancient Arabic cuisine creation, that moved from there to Italy through Sicily. 

I will discuss with you the full story of how that happened as I demonstrate (live) the world's oldest documented pasta recipe (known to be cooked in 9 BC). Which you will also taste, hence get a chance to learn, taste and relive an ancient part of history, very uncommon or widely known.

Following the discussion and the demonstration you will get to enjoy a 3-course meal by the Italian Michelin Chef Lo Coco (all prepared in the theme of the evening, yet with a contemporary look at this ancient ingredient). 
Foodie Alert!! A discussion and a dinner not to be missed - I am sharing with you the part of food I am known for and love the most: "Food History" 
Join us at Per Te Jumeirah at 7:30 pm this Friday (Nov 11, 2016) and hear the story of 'Pasta' at a masterclass with Dima Sharif & Italian Michelin Chef Tony Lo Coco as part of the Italian Cuisine World Summit 2016.

The class will be followed by a 3-course meal designed by both! Make sure to arrive early to be a part of this event, spaces are limited to the first 50 diners at only 200 AED.

To reserve your table call 04 344 6455.

PS - We will also be at the Marriott Marquis on the 12th, for the United Nations By Italian Cuisine Gala Reception. Book your ticket here!

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Dima xx