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Friday, 8 April 2016

Why this restaurant is a winner!


Hummus & Hazelnut Starter (a complete new take on the use of hummus)

It is tucked in at the DIFC village. It is definitely a destination. You walk in and unlike most DIFC restaurants, this one straight away invites you in and casts a midday hideaway spell on you. You feel at home but not quite, you feel out for lunch but not just, you feel you want to hang out, then more, some more and what the heck! You've already spent the whole afternoon there, ate everything on the menu and every cell in your body is satisfied, relaxed and happy! 

Yes! I know Chef Tom very well, and know his kitchen genius very well too. And yes I went into Intersect by Lexus knowing it was going to be fantastic, but I was blown away still and found myself at awe with the chef's food's flavors, textures and not to overlook the overall ambience he and his team were able to create at Intersect that makes it a tad more than just a place to lunch but more like a perfect day lounge, a hangout!

My usually very fussy-eater daughter loved the food so much she wanted to go to the kitchen to say thank you to Chef!

I went with my two kids, my husband and sister and we all had a fantastic lunch. No one had any complaints, we all loved the food and were tasting each other's choices it was that good. And every time a dish came out we were smiling, the mixtures are that interesting! 

The kids asked me to be in the pictures so they can tell other kids how much they loved the food!

When you have kids you know, fussy eating and moody preferences are always on the menu. You also know that they are a tad less than keen to try new combinations and what you purée to squeeze into a plate at home or what you normally disguise in their food is stirring them right in the face when eating out! So when children reach a point that they are looking forward for the next dish. They are trying every single ingredient on the dish. They are bragging their feasting and are making sure you know they loved the Kale which they normally look down to at home!!! And when all this food is seasoned and mixed in totally new combinations to their usual palates you know that chef, that restaurant and that lunch is a winner!!

My kids loved it so much that my son actually videoed his first review (see the video at the end of this post), my daughter wanted to go inside the kitchen to say thank you to Chef and they asked to be in the pictures this time to show everyone how much they enjoyed it.

It is also worth mentioning that Chef Tom is a regular at the farmers' market. He sources his ingredients straight from the farmers' whenever possible and he is definitely a seasonal chef. All the more to like his food! Also all the more to let your kids eat that food instead of the standard junk served to kids elsewhere!

You know I do not do restaurant reviews. But this experience was really spectacular and worth every calorie, penny and word. You guys I am straight out recommending that you go to Intersect by Lexus and taste Chef Tom Reger's genius. Take your kids and open up the world of flavors for them, allow them to learn why food is fantastic and this place is it. Go and see for yourselves.

Thank you Tom for a fantastic lunch! We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Please note that I was not invited to Intersect by Lexus and was not there to review and am not promoting or being compensated in anyway for this. I simply went with my family for lunch and honestly love it and think you will too. So I am personally recommending it.

Find the pictures from this lunch on my facebook page Dima Sharif and will also be posting the video shortly :)