Dima Sharif, a Jordanian national living and working in Dubai, is a Food Artisan. 

After graduating in English literature from Ahliyya University in Amman, she worked in a number of roles across the Gulf in marketing and communications. 

However; Dima’s inherent passion for food and food preparation - stemming from watching and absorbing her mother’s love of cooking and involvement in a number of cookery and cake decorating classes, as well as getting an early start in quality fresh produce through her family-owned citrus farms in Jordan - inevitably changed her career path and plunged her into the world of food. She began by offering bespoke catering services to the Dubai market in 2006. This service quickly became very popular in the UAE and Dima soon established a reputation amongst her clients for being the best go-to-caterer for bespoke events, as well as for creating mouth-watering creative food concepts. 

She is also widely known for creating highly innovative and artistic Themed birthday and party cakes and many of her cake creations contain an interactive element that never fails to delight or impress. 

Dima believes firmly in adding her own twist to the more traditional and conventional approach to cooking. She likes to make her dishes stylish, fun and wholesome and believes food is healthy and nurturing. When cooking or creating a menu she draws on different traditions and cultures and is often influenced by the memory of her own mother’s cooking, and her early food experiences and memories.

During the last five years Dima’s reputation as a chef and food artisan has grown considerably in stature particularly amongst her fans and other industry figures. She has developed an enthusiastic following and fan base on Facebook and other networks. She also writes a successful blog which, given her varied and diverse gastronomical experience, has enabled her to become a reference point for cooks both amateur and professional from all walks. 
Due to this demand, she started –in 2009 - a series of specialized culinary courses that she conducts herself under the name of “I COOK, Specialised Culinary Courses”. The courses have become a huge success, and much of this success is thanks to her no-nonsense approach to food and cooking and her emphasis on explaining food common sense as well as the importance of really knowing and understanding food. She focuses on “The Method” rather than just the recipe, enabling her trainees to start creating rather than following recipes. She has successfully converted many the most reluctant cooks into food and cooking enthusiasts, and continues to do so through her courses.

Dima is now a dedicated instructor, demonstrator and food writer, who is passionate about helping others discover the many rewards of cooking. She is married with two children and when she isn’t in the kitchen cooking enjoys nothing more than socializing with her friends and connecting with her fans.

This blog is an introduction to Dima’s work and a portal to connect with her, so make sure you do.


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