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Hotelier Middle East 15 Top influential Foodies

On My Pop Up Menu at Lafayette Gourmet 
& Upcoming Cookbook



Really I cannot think of a better thing to say! This is the title of Maia's post on her beautiful blog, where she speaks of Middle East stereotypical troubles, and the need to always explain that there is another side, a bright and beautiful side to this Region. Only to lead the conversation to my recent pop up kitchen at Lafayette Gourmet (Dubai Mall)​ and how it ties into all this, moving towards my upcoming cookbook and my vision behind this very dear project to my heart... 

Read the full article on this link, and Remember Palestine, always with a smile :)

"Much More 

Than Just 


A review of my modern Palestinian pop-up menu at Lafayette Gourmet (Dubai Mall) by the amazing Carla of  the fabulous blog Memoirs Of A Taste Bud. "The Palestinian Pop-Up Kitchen by Dima Sharif at Lafayette Gourmet: A dinner which was much more than just good food, it was a peak into the kitchens of Palestine and an ode to Palestinian cuisine." She describes. 
Read the full review on this link.

Ramadan Special on Radio (Dubai Eye 1038 FM 's) 
Part 1

Part 2

Chatting with Lucy Taylor (Dubai Eye Radio) 
about Culinary Travel

Culinary Travel Magazine 
A Trip To Paradise - Mauritius
"A Comprehensive Guide which will make you want to pack your bags immediately!"

All you need to know about traveling culinary to Mauritius, including what to look for and expect, must see and must eats as well as a 5-day trip planner for what will prove to be your best trip ever. Check out my Culinary Mauritius guide in the amazing 'Culinary Travel Magazine' by following this link and following the instructions to download. 

Use this code: "Mauritius" to download this issue and for a bonus 3 month subscription :)

  • Food Writing
Attended the Cook The Books launch event in which I offered a tasting menu from my upcoming cookbook's recipes and previewed its topic and a few of its stories. Arva Ahmed, the author of "I Live In A Frying Pan" wrote this beautiful article about the event and my in-the-making cookbook. Read the full article on this link:

When lentils, nuts and olive oil are not just food, but stories of Palestine.

An evening of discussion about cookbooks,
my favourite food writers and cookbook recipes
& a preview taster of recipes from my upcoming cookbook

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Dima Sharif Interview by Cuizin Mag

The National Newspaper - UAE 
picked  me as one of the UAE's Top Food Bloggers and described this blog ( as being:
Best Blog For Learning About Other Cultures    
pretty cool I think, Thank you :)

Find the full article here.

The National Newspaper - UAE
Wed. Oct. 2nd 2013

BBC Good Food ME
1st Meet The Blogger Feature

BBC Good Food ME, Meet the blogger feature, June 2012

Khaleej Times
Food Gives Us A Home - Interview by Kari Heron

  • Ramadan Features 

BBC Good Food ME
Favourite Ramadan Recipe

BBC Good Food ME, Ramadan Feature July 2012

The National
Food for Thought: Ramadan Recipes & What makes them Special - by Emily Shardlow

  • Cooking Classes & Demos

My Cooking Classes at Miele Gallery

Ahlan ME, October 2012