Cookery Courses by Dima Sharif

In 2009, I started offering Specialised Culinary Courses dedicated to train participants in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. 

These boutique-style courses have been very well received thanks to my fans’ enthusiasm and eagerness to learn the art of good food. My classes have attracted people from all walks and I continuously conducts courses for groups coming from abroad, as well as offers them in different cities when I travel.

I offer different cookery courses and sessions, including: 
Specialised Courses - that comprehensively cover a specific discipline or area in the kitchen-  these are intensive courses designed for ambitious home-cooks and aspiring professionals. Not only do I thoroughly cover the topic of the course, but I also go through starting a small business in the field being covered. 
Focused Short-term Courses - where I cover a specific topic or area of cooking. You will learn the ins and outs of the offered topic.
Themed Sessions - These are casual sessions that cover a specific concoction, theme or menu. Usually done on occasions or to private groups and individuals.
I continuously offer new courses along with the classic all-time favourites. I also arrange for private groups to train them in their chosen topic.

Upcoming courses are announced on this blog, so keep checking regularly to stay posted.
I also have exclusive rates in some of Dubai's most luxurious hotels for those coming from abroad to join my courses.
PS  Remember to book early on to avoid disappointment.

Dima Sharif – Food Blog

If you don’t have access to Dima’s Courses, if you live away and/or can’t dedicate the time for courses, then Dima Sharif blog is your best friend. Besides posting fail-proof recipes for everyone to enjoy and carry out at home, my blog aims at helping you understand all things food - food preparation, general common sense of food, various cuisines, food trends...etc. Starting from selecting and purchasing produce to cleaning, storing and preparing these foods - passing through the cookware, health and safety to presentation – It is all there is to know! From the basics to the intricate details of complex food preparations, all is there for you to enjoy for FREE!

By regularly following my Blog, you are well on your way to start creating your own signature dishes instead of merely following recipes. This blog has helped many get inspired and grow their food knowledge and can do the same for you.

Through this blog, I was able to connect with many Food enthusiasts and food professionals. I love nothing more than getting in touch with you guys. I answer your comments and emails on food-related questions and guide you through the process if you find yourself getting stuck! So don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and let me know what you could use help with. Do leave me comments :) If you find yourself wanting to explore and get deeper into food, then joining my courses is definitely going to satisfy that crave!

Also giving out more food tips and kitchen explorations on my Facebook Fan page, so join our community: Relative Link: Gastronomy by Dima Sharif

Little Chefs – Discover Your Little Chef
Back when I was in the catering business, I started a programme for training young children and little ones in simple cookery, healthy food and healthy eating habits. Stemming from the belief that children who are involved in cookery and food prep grow to become healthier eaters and make better food choices as adults.

This programme is also aimed at mothers and caregivers to help them raise children with healthy attitudes towards food. Through Little Chefs, I would help the children prepare safe, simple foods in a fun and positive environment all the while talking to them about different foods, health benefits, healthy choices...etc .

I have carried out Little Chefs through conducting many sessions for children of varied age groups through schools, nurseries, and Dubai-based social networks.
Little Chefs, sessions are announced on this blog and on Little Chefs Facebook Fan Page.

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Consultancy and F&B Solutions
If you have an F&B Business and want to dazzle it up, move to the next level, add new menu offerings, train your staff, or pick it up altogether... I can help you out.
Food writing
Concept Development
Menu Development
Recipe Development
Demonstrations & Live Cooking
Staff training & Team Building Courses / Sessions
Community & Social Responsibility Solutions
Communications & Social Networking

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For more info, please contact Dima.


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