The Book Launch


“The launch of my own brand of foods isn’t about nostalgia, but about preserving a link with where the recipes came from and how they were made; from land to home. By bringing them into the present, I hope to give them a clear sense of what they were and what they still are.”                       
- Dima
Dima Sharif Organic Mooneh* Essentials
"back to land and home"
 *Mooneh: Arabic for 'Pantry Stock'

In The Press -
"Taste summons memory and emotion, and for Dima, whose soon-to-be published cookery book is a recollection of food memories and recipes that contrast and connect people and generations, her pickles reconnect the smell and taste of her grandmother’s kitchen to the artisanal continuity of times past."

DS Limited Edition 
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
(first press)
Now Available at The Farmers' Market on Bay Avenue/ Busines Bay (see map at end of page)

The olives are handpicked from well-kept and loved olive trees of an award winning family farm in the North of Jordan. The farm nurtures 'Nebali' Olive trees (the trees indigenous to the Palestinian city Nablus. 

This extra virgin olive oil is certified organic and is extracted from the best quality handpicked fruits within 24 hours of harvest and in -28°C. This care is very well reflected in the quality of this outstanding olive oil where the olives are very present in its fruity nose and taste.

The proceeds from this product will go to support up to 5 Single-mother Palestinian Families living in the Palestinian Refugee Camps there.

Properties: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – with an outstanding 0.5% Acidity - with fruity flavor including hints of peach and grapes – ever so slightly peppery – with hints of green flavor.

· ISO 9001 certified.
· HACCP Certified.
· “EVO” certified by Chemiservice, Italy & Agbiolab, USA
· “Organic EVO” certified by IMO Switzerland.

Ingredients: 500 ml Certified Organic, First Press, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produce of Jordan.

Serving Suggestions: To some it is too precious to cook with, I use it in cooking special concoctions. This oil is fruity which allows you to use widely. Use as a last stage dressing oil on anything salads dips cooked or raw fish and meat. I love dipping warm bread into it and savouring its uninterrupted nose and flavour.

Tester's Feedback 
"It is impossible not to taste the pluck and resourcefulness of the traditional Middle Eastern kitchen in Dima Sharif’s newly launched Organic Mooneh (pantry) Essentials; a range of pickles, made by hand, using UAE locally grown, seasonal, organic vegetables and small-batch organic olive oil from Jordan."

Organic Dried Zaatar Mix
Now available at the Farmers' Market on Bay Avenue/ Busines Bay (see map at end of page)

This dried zaatar mix follows the purist method typical to traditional Palestinian cuisine, where the dried leaves are not mixed with any spices or other ingredients to increase the yield or mask the flavor of zaatar. In fact this mix celebrates the uninterrupted flavor of the pungent zaatar local to the Levant. It is made following my ancient family’s recipe, this organic zaatar is purely from high quality zaatar leaves and sesame seeds that have been sourced from organic zaatar farms in Jordan. 

You will be pleasantly surprised by the piquant aroma and flavor of this dried zaatar mix. It is unmasked, pure and pungent. Once you smell it and taste it you will know the difference between high quality zaatar and the other types of mixes. To those familiar with this unmixed flavor, this zaatar will take you right back to your early years reminiscing your childhood home. 

The leaves have been handpicked, dried and mixed by Palestinian Women living in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan. And the proceeds from this product will go to support up to 5 Single-mother Palestinian Families living in the Palestinian Refugee Camps there.

Ingredients: Dried Organic Zaatar Leaves (Jordan), Organic Sesame Seeds (Jordan), Himalayan Salt.

Serving Suggestions: Simply dip some bread in DS Limited Edition Organic EV Olive Oil then second dip in this dried zaatar mix for an unmatched delicious flavour. Otherwise, wet this mixture slightly with the olive oil and spread over rolled out bread dough to make outstanding Zaatar Manaqish. Also use this mix as a flavouring to chicken, fish, eggs, salads…etc as you would dried oregano.

Read more about this zaatar on this link.


DS Organic Fish & Seafood Spice Mix
DS Organic Meat & Poultry Spice Mixes
Now available at the Farmers' Market on Bay Avenue/ Busines Bay (see map at end of page)

Often times I am asked what is the secret to the depth of flavours in my food. I always reply with the same answer, it is my home ground and mixed spices.

I source my spices from the best spice markets, these spice mixes are home ground and mixed in small batches to create pungent mixes that will add a layer of depth and much appreciated flavour to your food; all you need to know is season the food with these spice mixes and instantly it is elevated and flavoursome.

Ingredients: I am very thoughtful to the mixing of flavours that offer the perfect marriage without any one flavor over powering the rest. To very controlled and precise measurements the ingredients may include (all freshly ground and mixed) Alspice, Cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, coriander, ginger, safflower, turmeric…

Serving Suggestions: I am currently offering 2 flavours, one for flavouring fish and seafood dishes, and the other for flavouring meat and pultry dishes. You can use as a dry rub before BBQ or grilling your food, you can use in the creation of a wet rub, simply mix with my outstanding Limited Edition EV Olive Oil along with a clove of garlic, sea salt and your preferred type of vinegar and rub meats before long slow cooking or smoking and see how it transforms your finished dish. 

Go to this link and check out the recipes there using DS Spice Mixes. You will find many applications using these spice mixes, a repertoire that I update regularly.


Organic Pickled Fresh Zaatar Leaf 

in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Only made to order place your order at the Faremers' Marketon Bay Avenue/ Busines Bay (see map at end of page) or email (

Zaatar and olive oil is at the heart of the Levantine kitchen. I pickled fresh zaatar leaves instead of drying them for a new/old take on this match made in heaven. 

Because the leaves are fresh the zaatar is highly aromatic and very much present in every bite. The olive oil in this Jar is fairtrade organic Palestinian olive oil.

Ingredients: Organic Fresh Zaatar (UAE), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Palestine), Himalayan Salt.

Serving suggestions: Simply spoon onto a plate and dip warm bread into the mixture scooping out the zaatar and enjoy the aromatic flavor of both the zaatar and olive oil. I use the zaatar in salad dressings and as an aromatic in my cooking. The zaatar infused olive oil, makes an excellent addition to tomato sauces, pasta, drizzle over pizza or roast chicken. I love to drizzle it over bread as a flavor-packed base for many sandwiches, let your imagination roam.


Homemade, Organic
Lemon & Chili Pickles
Now Available at The Farmers' Market on Bay Avenue/ Busines Bay (see map at end of page) & at Baker & Spice Dubai

These artisanal spicy pickles are made using outstanding organic ingredients. The green chilies and lemons are locally grown in the UAE and are pickled in an outstanding certified organic, cold-press extra virgin olive oil that I personally picked from an artisanal farm in Jordan.

The content of these jars have all been grown naturally and organically, mostly tended by hand, including the olives that were handpicked this harvest season and pressed to extract the oil following the old and traditional cold press method. All of which had been hand prepared for pickling following my family’s ages old recipe.

Each jar is individually packed and labeled all made with love and care as I do when preparing my own stock at home. I add no chemicals or preservatives so you can rest assured your and your family’s health are safe.

Ingredients: Local Organic Green Chilies, Local Organic Lemons, Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Jordan), Himalayan Salt.

Serving suggestions: These pickles are delicious had with warm bread and really compliment the flavours of rice and grain-based dishes as well as pair well with hummus. They make an excellent relish to grilled meats and personally I just love these over scrambled eggs and labneh. Absolutely mouthwatering!


Organic Turnip Pickles
Coming Soon to The Farmers' Market on Bay Avenue/ Busines Bay (see map at end of page)

I followed my family’s age-old recipe. This is the Levant in a jar. The ingredients are all prepared by hand and each jar is individually filled and labeled.

Ingredients: Organic Turnips (KSA), Organic Local Beetroots, Organic Local Chili, Organic vinegar, Himalayan Salt.

Serving Suggestions: These pickles will brighten up sandwiches such as chicken, falafel or slow cooked pulled meats. Great in salads too. I love serving these next to stews or fried food.

“Globalisation has altered so much of the past, especially when it comes to food and especially pickled foods. Recipes have altered over time to accommodate mass production. My range is small-batch, home made, and individually packed, with no machinery or chemicals used in the process. I source the very best produce, from the source, and even the salt and seasonings are organic."
- Dima

In The Press
“Preserving vegetables so they can be eaten at any time of the year is an ancient art used by cooks over the centuries to preserve food in times of plenty to sustain them when it was scarce. Chef and author, Dima Sharif gets herself in a pickle and brings back to table home crafted, authentic pickles in time for stocking Ramadan pantries.”

Taster's Feedback

“Dima’s pickles won’t engulf the mouth with acid. Her artisanal recipes are all about preserves with complex flavours that draw on local, seasonal, organic vegetables, first press organic olive oil, and organic seasonings and spices.”

Yes! Determined to bring flavour and goodness back to your kitchens.

Here is the map to The Farmers' Market