Jordan is a beautiful country with equally beautiful people. A unique place with everything; the ancient, the new… The traditional, the modern… The mountains, the valleys, the desert, the sea… Everywhere in Jordan you find a piece of history followed by a piece of something new!

I will give you the best of the best in recommendations here. These are the spots in Jordan that you should never leave without seeing. These are all uniquely Jordan, so make sure you go and see these, they truly are not to be missed:

  • The enchanting Wadi Rum – also known as The Valley of the Moon ‎‎is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan 60 km to the east of Aqaba; it is the largest wadi in Jordan. This valley has some of Jordan’s most stunning views, the golden desert sands against the darker rock mountains makes it such an enchanting place, that many people from around the world find to be “spiritually charged” filling you with spiritual energy and inspiring deep contemplation. Many concerts for international artists take place at Wadi Rum, so you could be catching one, however the most interesting activity to do there is camping, there are several designated camp sites there. The bedouin tour guides will take you around and will feed you their staple foods, explaining to you the history of the area. The single best two tours is the sunrise tour, watching the sun as it rises behind the mountains, spreading its early rays onto the golden sand. And the sunset by the campfire, usually followed by a local dinner.
  • Petra – Perhaps the most iconic spot in the whole of Jordan. Everyone knows the Nabatian Khazna and ruins in the south part of the kingdom known as Petra. It is rightly one of the most beautiful sights, especially walking down the narrow alley, as when the pink Khazneh carved in the rock is revealed it takes your breath away. Truly unique and absolutely ancient, makes you wonder how they carved this hard rock with such precision and height without having any tools! Don’t miss it!
  • Aqaba for the riches of the red sea – Not because it is the world’s best or most beautiful city by the sea, but because the red sea is a beautiful, crystal clear sea with a marvelous bed of coral reef. This sea is known for its rich and vibrantly colourful sea life, which makes it one of the world’s top dive sites. A true relaxed time in the deep and lounging on the sand makes for a great unwinding time that we all need.
  • The Baptism Site – For those interested in the Holy sites, one of the must visits is the Baptism site by The River Jordan, where Jesus of Nazareth was baptised. There you will also find the St. Paul the Baptist church.
  • Ajloun, Jerash & The North of Jordan – The northern part of Jordan is a complete departure from its southern deserts. It is a lush green area with beautiful sites more Mediterranean in feel and very close to Greece in ambience. Full of Roman Ruins, pine trees, almond trees and all types of vegetation, truly beautiful. Ajloun is an area full of natural beauty, and is also a beautiful winter destination as it will be white with snow and renting a cottage there is a guaranteed relaxed escape. Jerash is a city full of Roman ruins, the famous Roman theatres and opera house have held many musical and theatrical festivals throughout its life. A true unique experience and beautiful area to visit.
  • Downtown Amman– While Amman is the main business hub in Jordan, and while it does have its unique character, it is in the end a city like most cities. The most characteristic of Amman remains the old capital business and trade spot, the downtown area. There are all kinds of goods and merchandise sold at its markets, many a good restaurants and some Roman ruins too! You must visit the downtown area when in Amman.


Culinary wise, the country is rich!

from the traditional and decades-old popular restaurants,

to the more modern and trendy ones all is there for you to enjoy. But my
absolute recommendations, culinary wise is to Visit Wadi Rum and eat with Bedouins, and absolutely unique experience. Visit Al Karak and see how Jameed is made (fermented yogurt balls). It goes without say , if you have not had mansaf, you have not visited Jordan, so make sure you do. Go to Ajloun & Jerash and taste the best ever goats’ milk labneh. In Jerash, Um Khalil restaurant is a must, beautiful scenery and an amazing stock of artisanal Mooneh (Pantry foods). Then Go to Al Ghor (Jordan Valley) and taste the local produce (fruits and vegetables) straight from the farmers and while you are at it, if you are lucky, you get to taste the heavenly Allayeh made on Al Saj (a tomato-based stir-fry cooked over an iron skillet (not by any means the fancy type) but by all means the most delicious ever!….

In Amman, you must have Shawerma Al Reem (their meat Shawerma is absolutely delicious and very unforgettable). You also must visit Al Balad (The old city centre), there you have to have Hashim’s fool, falafel and Hummus, followed by a visit to Habiba to have the most delicious Nabulsi Knafeh ever! Don’t leave the city without trying Sahlab (the warm, spiced milk pudding) Do also buy fruits from the sides of the road, because you have not tasted absolutely amazing fruits until you have tried those (they sell everything from watermelons, to stone fruits, berries, figs and prickly pears…).


And all this is just to name a few! A must visit!

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