It has never been more exciting to work in the food industry as it is today!

And especially in Dubai the community is thriving and growing by the second as many people are joining the industry. Chefs, bloggers, photographers, stylists, writers, critics, reviewers, suppliers, restaurateurs to even Media and TV personalities, the industry seems to house all.

If you are one of those dreaming about making the career shift to food, then you will love this video as the senior editor of BBC Good Food Middle East magazine & website, Sudeshna Ghosh, shares with us some expert advice on starting a career in the food industry based on her long experience in the field.

So you have the dream, and have watched Saied’s video yesterday that got you excited and optimistic and you want to follow this dream, then what? Is “passion” enough? What does it take to make the cut in a highly competitive industry? What skills are required, and what do you get in return? Watch the video and listen to Sudeshna, who covers all the basics, from the perks, to the good, the challenging and including tips for success. Then check the links below for more tips and ways to get started.



With all these “Career in Food” posts I am really hoping you find the help and information you need to make that dream a reality.

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