A trending necessity and the ugly reality of perfectly shaped forcibly evergreen produce

Many people think that choosing “organic” produce is a trend, something fashionable, or you do it because it is cool! Many even question what is so special about organic produce? Why are people going crazy over less perfect looking fruits and vegetables, when there is the perfectly shaped, waxed, odorless, produce that is available all year round…?!

Way over a few dozen people believe that these are labels created to confuse consumers, are marketing slogans, and a way to sell produce at more expensive prices… A new term everyday… organic, slow, sustainable, local, seasonal, free range, GMO, fast, controlled production conditions, mass production…. all becoming too hard to keep up with..!!!

While some terms have been used for marketing purposes, and some terms became synonymous with fashionable trends, also some causes may have been adopted for their “cool” status… one must realise that the issues are real, deeper, and they are at the very core of our well being and continuity! Yes, a bit too serious, but all true… These issues and causes are very important to understand, and take action towards (supporting or opposing).

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Today’s cooks must know the definition and importance of these terms, and must choose their ingredients accordingly. Whether you are cooking for your family, or for customers you must be aware of the ingredients you are using, and have a responsibility to choose healthy over risky and health threatening ingredients. For this reason, I want to share a few posts with you that are about these issues in an attempt to help you understand what they are, what the terms mean, and what the risks are… this way you can make better food choices for yourself and your family members.

Do look up more information about these food issues and do support the causes that you find important and necessary to support, after all if we continue to buy and support these hazardous products and ingredients, they will continue to exist and pause threats on our health, while if we oppose them and refuse to consume them, they will eventually disappear.

For today’s post, I want to share with you these two videos (2 parts of the same documentary) that I think are a must see. These videos explain today’s modern food/farming industry and why it is important to go back to natural, sustainable organic farming as opposed to choosing mass production, GMO and “modern” farming and food production standards… These two videos are a good place to start, and if they make you curious, there are many more (netflix is full of interesting and informational documentaries to watch), and there are many interesting articles to read, so make sure you do.

Support your local farmers, small farms that produce good natural foods and avoid supporting those who will offer produce at any possible cost! Also avoid consuming highly processed foods, as they are at the base of most ailments such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, colon disorders and all the new intolerances we are either experiencing or witnessing these days… among many other.

So let’s begin this series of informational posts with these two videos and make sure to follow the rest of the posts coming up…

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