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We are a food production, foodstuff supply & catering company. Established in Dubai – UAE, with our central kitchen located in Jebel Ali.

We describe our company as “a socially conscious for profit business”, as we are a business proud to be a positive contributor to the community we operate in, supporting a number of social causes and first conceived to support the local organic farmers and to date continues to operate with this as our main objective.


We specialise in B2B Catering,

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We supply hotels, restaurants, cafes and food businesses with various foodstuff produced to order according to your business needs.

Also specialising in the production of artisanal gourmet canned foods (we offer our main products as well as create bespoke products tailored to your business requirements & brand vision).

We are always available to host you for a demo & a tasting session, where you will see our kitchen & operations in action, taste our products and discuss how our business can increase your business’s productivity and efficiency hassle free.


We can help your business

We do not just offer you products and leave you without support, in fact we offer a full support system including training programs, a test kitchen for you to finalise your menus without affecting current operations, operational space, a full range of white label foodstuff and baked goods as well as administrative support throughout the whole process.

Just let us know your requirements and we make it happen for you.



We also offer a wide range of training programmes and workshops, whether you are an aspiring business, startup, or an established food business or simply looking for corporate team building workshops… we have a programme to fit every need. Our training workshops, sessions and courses are tried and tested and everyone who’d joined us always gave us highly acclaimed reviews. You can see some of the reviews in the guest book entries on our website.

Call us and schedule a meeting and we will walk you through it all in great detail. (Contacts below)




Our online store offers our products that are readily available for you. Including: 

  • Artisanal Preserves & Foodstuff Products:

a full line of products dedicated to preserving organic, seasonal, local & regional produce either by means of fermentation, jamming, drying or saucing.

  • Baked Goods:

from breads, to coffee cakes, iced cakes, pies, tarts and desserts …etc we have it all. Some readily available options on our online store and more made to order. Tell us what you are craving and we will make it for you.

  • Frozen Foods:

ready to cook. This line includes, Kubbeh, Shishbarak, Stuffed & Rolled Vine Leaves, Stuffed and Rolled Cabbage Leaves…etc. Check our online store for options and let us know if you have any other frozen requirements and we will make it for you.

  • Organic Family Meals:

We make organic Family meals to order to feed a family of 4. This is especially created to cater for working families, and busy mothers who might not have the time to prepare their family meals but still wish to feed their family wholesome delicious, home-made style meals. These meals will be created especially for you and to order, we do not prepare mass daily meals from which you can order, therefore, please order at least 24 hours in advance in order for us to prepare your meal and deliver it on time. Please note that our schedule gets fully booked well in advance, so the earlier you place your order the better to avoid any disappointments.

To order please call 04 888 0260 tell us what you are craving and we will make it for you. Otherwise you can order from the options available on our online store.


It is worth mentioning here that we follow old- school methods of food preservation & traditional family recipes. Our Slow Food Certified process & products are 100% natural, chemical-free and reliant on sourcing outstanding quality of fresh organic produce from the source.

The whole process is by hand, non- mass produced, rather in small batches with impeccable care & attention, ensuring a distinctive artisanal quality.

All our products are available for consumers to purchase through our online store, and some products are available in various gourmet shops around town and in the farmers markets during growing season. We also offer white label production for your food business.


Everybody loves Dima’s specialty Communal Tables and so will you.

Creating Memories

Good Flavours are memorable.

We believe that the best memories are saved not in hard drives or camera stills but in good flavours. You will never forget aromas, flavours and the good food you eat and so we want to be part of your special occasions, helping you create great memories.


Dima is known for her specialty Communal Table events, where a communal table is spread for guests to gather and eat together. The idea here is to socialise, share food and share good moments creating fabulous memories.

The communal table events can be made to any theme, cuisine and can include many cultural events and activities. Make sure to get in touch and book an appointment with Dima to plan your communal table event and activities. We also offer tasting sessions.


Our catering service (whether for your personal celebrations or corporate events) will surely make it a memorable event for you and your guests. From canapés and pass around menus to banquets and seated dinners, we are here for you, creating fantastic food for you to savour and be proud of serving.


We offer

  • Communal Table Catering
  • Business to Business catering
  • Corporate event catering
  • Personal Event Catering
  • Food Stand, Event & Exhibition Catering
  • Reception Catering





As ever, our aim is to provide a one stop shop for all your food needs, in the highest quality possible and ever focusing on ethical business practices, sustainable solutions and outstanding standards.

To know more and schedule a meeting:

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