Announcing my book “Plated Heirlooms” exclusively on Dubai Eye Radio with Suzanne Radford

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Plated Heirlooms at the BBC Good Food Awards

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Arab Woman Magazine

Dima Al Sharif profound chef and author of Plated Heirlooms

An Exclusive Taste Of Dima Al Sharif’s Kitchen

Ahead of her first cookbook’s February debut, the renowned UAE-based chef and writer Dima Al Sharif shares some of her favourite recipes exclusively with Bazaar Arabia

Rose and Cardamom Infused Milk Pudding

Mhallabiyyeh bil hail wil ward

Lamb Kofta and Potatoes in Tahina Sauce

Kofta o batata bil t’heeneh

Plated Heirlooms

UAE-based chef and writer Dima Al Sharif shares her own Falasteen culinary history

Quails in Lemon and green Chilli sauce

Siniyet ferri bil leimoon wil filfel

Roasted Vegetable salad

Salatet khodra mashwyeh

Time Out Dubai

Plated Heirlooms cookbook writer speaks to Time Out

Time Out Dubai speaks to Plated Heirlooms cookbook writer Dima Sharif. Find out about how she started a business in Dubai for healthy eating