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UAE chef’s book reveals secrets of Palestinian cuisine

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Debut cookbook features 500 pages of Palestinian food, culture

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Dima Al Sharif debuts first cookbook Plated Heirlooms -- a 500 page exploration of Palestinian food and culture

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الشيف ديمة الشريف تصدر كتابها عن الطبخ الفلسطيني “ميراث في صحن”

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Dima Al Sharif Launches Palestinian Cookbook

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Dima Al Sharif Debuts First Cookbook

Plated Heirlooms – a 500-page exploration of Palestinian food and culture

ديمة الشريف تصدر أول كتاب لها للطبخ بعنوان “ميراث في صحن”. – أبو نواف نت

Remember Palestine!

Really I cannot think of a better thing to say! This is the title of Maia’s post on her beautiful blog, where she speaks of Middle East stereotypical troubles, and the need to always explain that there is another side, a bright and beautiful side to this Region. Only to lead the conversation to my recent pop up kitchen at Lafayette Gourmet (Dubai Mall)​ and how it ties into all this, moving towards my upcoming cookbook and my vision behind this very dear project to my heart…

Read the full article on this link, and Remember Palestine, always with a smile 🙂

Much More Than Just Food!

A review of my modern Palestinian pop-up menu at Lafayette Gourmet (Dubai Mall) by the amazing Carla of the fabulous blog Memoirs Of A Taste Bud. “The Palestinian Pop-Up Kitchen by Dima Sharif at Lafayette Gourmet: A dinner which was much more than just good food, it was a peak into the kitchens of Palestine and an ode to Palestinian cuisine.” She describes.

Read the full review on this link.

I Live in a Frying Pan

When lentils, nuts and olive oil are not just food, but stories of Palestine.