The most popular Ramadan drink

As I chatted with Sarah Dajani – an Egyptian Palestinian food blogger, who is also currently studying pastry at the Cordon Bleu – about Ramadan in USA (post on this link), she had also talked about Qamar El Deen, the most popular Ramadan drink across the board. It is essentially an apricot juice, however, what is special about it is that the juice is thickened, then spread out in a thin layer to then be left to dry in the sun. These sheets of thickened apricot juice (referred to as Qamar El deen) are then stacked and sold at Supermarkets in the Middle East or in specialty shops elsewhere.

Dana describes the drink as: “Qamar el Deen Literally means the “moon of religion,” it is also known as apricot juice. It involves soaking apricot fruit leather in water overnight and stirring it until it becomes a viscous, syrupy nectar that almost immediately raises your blood sugar after a long day of fasting.”

Qamar El Deen is a very famous drink in many countries during Ramadan, and is a staple drink on most Iftar and Sohour menus, and Dana shares with us how her family makes this drink.


  • 1 packet (400 g) Qamar El Deen fruit leather sheets
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 6 cups water, room temperature

Use a large pot (big enough to hold 3-4 liters of water).

Tear the fruit leather sheet  into medium-sized pieces, about half the size of your palm. Place them in the pot.

Pour all the water into the pot to cover the fruit leather, then add 1 cup sugar and mix.

Allow the mixture to sit for 6 to 12 hours, mixing occasionally. When the fruit leather has disintegrated mix it well and pour the drink into a pitcher and refrigerate.

Serve cold over some ice cubes.

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