Chef Dima Sharif Cooks at JW Marriott Marquis for The United Nations By Italian Cuisine

Dima Al Sharif

UAE-based Food Artisan, Author of award winning cookbook ‘Plated Heirlooms’, Owner of artisanal food brand “Dima Sharif” & CEO of MOONEH Foodstuff Supply Services LLC

Dima, who grew up in Jordan, was always surrounded by quality food. Her family owned the first and largest citrus farms in Jordan and so Dima learnt, from a very young age, the importance of quality ingredients.

As such, to date, she is an active advocate of organic farming and supporting local farmers and local seasonal produce. She is proudly the owner of the UAE’s first company dedicated to preserving local organic produce.

Dima Sharif picking Cherries in Organic Farm
Dima Sharif Filming a documentary for NGO funded women projects around Jordan with acclaimed Film Director Rob Nilsson (2000-2001)
Filming a documentary for NGO funded women projects around Jordan with acclaimed Film Director Rob Nilsson (2000-2001)

After years dedicated to work with NGOs and community-based organisations in the fields of social development, training and communications, Dima decided to change her career path and began her professional food journey.

In 2006, she started a catering service in Dubai, creating high-end bespoke menus and quality food items that catered for private and corporate events.

In 2009, she began providing culinary training to home cooks as well as professionals in specific topics. At the same time she took on food writing, where she regularly wrote for different publications in print and online. With time, Dima expanded her services into an all-encompassing food training and communications service, incorporating workshops, writing, blogging, photography and film. She runs one of the most celebrated food blogs in the UAE, Her award winning blog has become a beacon for industry professionals, home cooks and fans alike, with articles spanning across culinary travel; culture; food history; recipes and, above all, insights into the art of cooking through her step-by-step tutorials. was awarded top 60 culinary blogs worldwide ranking 37th.

Dima Sharif holding UAE Flag in China for winning the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2016
Proudly: – The UAE’s first winner of “The Best in The world” title by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. -The UAE’s first company specialising in preserving local organic and seasonal produce. – A brand that avidly supports the local organic farmers of the UAE and the farmers’ market.

Today, “Dima Sharif” is a well known artisanal food brand under which Dima runs a Foodstuff Supply Services and Catering company “Mooneh Foodstuff Supply Services LLC” that specialises in providing WHOLESALERS & HORECA with specialised quality ingredients, artisanal condiments and other bespoke foodstuff. MOONEH LLC also offers B2B catering and training services. Through MOONEH, Dima also supports the local farmers’ and farmers’ markets. “Dima Sharif” is proud to be the UAE’s first dedicated preserver of local organic and seasonal produce. Sourcing ingredients from Local UAE organic farmers and creating products with their seasonal organic produce, which are sold to customers at the farmers’ market, through various gourmet shops across the UAE and in her online shop. Furthermore, the brand and company support a number of widowed women families living in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan.

In 2017 MOONEH by Dima Sharif was awarded Slow Food Dubai’s ‘Snail of Approval’, and as such DS Mooneh products are now Slow Food certified.

DS Mooneh products can be ordered online on this link.

Dima is a sought-after and respected culinary figure in the Middle East. She has partnered with local and international brands like Kenwood, Al Alali, Nestle, Italian Cuisine World Summit, Italian Cuisine in The World Forum, ITChefs, IRC, IFOAM, The Dubai Mall, Home Centre, Miele, MBC Group, Fatafeat, Abu Dhabi TV, DECIDE – Diabetes Awareness Organization, Sister Olive Oil and OBE Organic as well as being a regular guest on Dubai Eye Radio. Dima was also the organizer and training chef of the annual specialty Food Styling & Photography Workshop in Dubai (2013-2016), and was appointed as the public face and official blogger for the Italian Cuisine World Summit and Italian Cuisine In The World Forum (2014-2016).

Finally she was a participating chef in the United Nations by Italian Cuisine 2016 and a key speaker in the Italian Cuisine World Summit (2015-2016) exploring topics spanning from Specialty Restaurant Operations, to Opportunities and Challenges of Authentic Concept Restaurants and The Historical Arab Influence on Italian Cuisine…among other topics.

  • Awarded Top 60 Culinary Blog Worldwide (rank 37th, see badge at bottom of page)
  • UAE Top 10 Food Blogs – The National
  • Hotelier Middle East 15 Top Influential Foodies
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In 2015, Dima published her first cookbook “Plated Heirlooms”

a 500-page exploration of her native Falasteen (Palestine) and its rich culinary history through generations of Palestinian cooking. (see introduction Video on this link)


In May 2017 Plated Heirlooms won the title “Best In The World” for Arabic Cuisine by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards that was held in Yantai, China.

Previous to that, Plated Heirlooms also won 3 international awards:

1. The national winner of The Dun Gifford Award for “Best Mediterranean Cuisine”.
2. The national winner of “Best Self Published Book” by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.
3. The national Winner for “Best Historical Recipes Book” by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.


In 2020 – 2021 Plated Heirlooms was included as a text book studied by VISS students for their IB programme (see the discussion video on this link) and was also included by Purdue History Department for their students doing Middle Eastern Studies (see clips of the discussion on this link)


Plated Heirlooms is available to ship worldwide you can order your copy on this link.