So so so excited to be announcing my cookbook ‘Plated Heirlooms, Stories and recipes through generations of Palestinian cooking’

Tomorrow (Sunday 10th January, 2016) and exclusively with Suzanne Radford at Dubai Eye1038fm at 11 am, we will have a full show in which Suzanne will review the book, and have a full discussion as she pleases on all aspects of this book. All of which will be discussed, announced and shared for the first time ever! Yes no one knows anything yet! So be the first to know and tune in tomorrow.

We will also be giving 2 free copies of the book to lucky winners and 2 organic Mooneh essentials giveaways to 2 more lucky winners. So don’t miss out and tune in to Dubai Eye radio and hear the discussion about this 3 and a half years in the making debut book, and find out the connection between my book and my brand’s line of organic Mooneh. It will all be revealed and out tomorrow, and I really hope you guys will love it.

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Here is the link with the podcast from that show. 

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