So here we go, final preps are being made as only a few days are left for the Italian Cuisine World Summit to start. The Opening Gala is just around the corner, as this Friday the guest Michelin chefs will be cooking up a storm for the opening ceremony invitees in celebration of Italian culture, produce, cuisine and the good life.

Here I am with @icwsdxb at the #CapitalClub where the menus are being finalized for the #ItalianCuisineWorldSummit guest #michelinChefs dinners! Am telling you listening to the descriptions of the food and what the chefs are planning is making me so hungry right now! It all sounds delicious 🙂 and you know me, in the company of all these people who are very passionate about food, I mean… What could ever be better?! Actually what more could I ask for?

Also listening to how the ingredients are being sourced and of course as any Michelin menu is, the ingredients are the best there is! All for You guys to enjoy an exclusive event such as this that plates such a unique dining experience like only Dubai could! So make sure you get in on the action and book your dinners early on.

I am honestly in heaven right now! 

More to come soon on the amazing Capital Club, Dubai’s only exclusive members only city club and all the summit activities taking place there…

Yalla be back soon…

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