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The world is full of foodies! In fact is anyone not?! We know them, we all have them and here is a post dedicated for them. If you are wondering what could be the perfect gift for a foodie friend read on because here are some inspirations that they are going to love you for 🙂

But before we jump into inventory it helps to know a couple of tips…

  • Foodies are those who either like to cook, style & photograph food, write about food, have a food blog, love food and talk about food, love to entertain at home and
    impress with food and props, addicted to cookbooks, addicted to food blogs, addicted to food channels, like to eat good food, buy food magazines…. the list is huge! They can be any one, combination or multiples of all this food stuff! Therefore, these gifts work for almost everyone you know 🙂
Just before you hit the malls and in time to plan what’s under your tree 😉
  • It is the thought that counts. When it comes to gifts, it is really the thought that counts. But in my book, it is not enough that I thought of you, I have to have also thought about what you like, what you are missing, what can make your hobby easier, what can bring out the best in you, what you can really use… so yes the thought counts, but not just any thought. So when it comes to gifting, why not gift something that your friend will actually use and love?
  • Managing Budgets. A gift is never meant to be out of means. It should never be the last gift to give! Yes we would love to buy the world for our dear friends, but somehow the world is quite hard to budget! With a little bit of creativity you can buy the world’s best gift, yet stay within budget. Baskets/boxes full of little thoughtful pieces, make an excellent choice. They even make the receiver feel like they got plenty at one go. So pick and choose from the items below and create a bundle of foodie joy and become your friends’ hero. It also always helps to have a group of mutual friends to chip in when thinking of buying that kitchen Aid for your friend.
  • Customise for an exclusive feel. Who does not like to feel like something was made especially for them? While most factories do not produce named items, there are many outlets that offer customisation (initials, names, photos, skins…etc). There is hand carving, wood burning, laser imprints… add your friend’s name to the gift for an extra special gift.
  • The basics are always appreciated. You know what your friend has or does not but needs. Most foodies have the basics covered, from measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters, cake tins, pie plates, to pots and pans, props and napkin rings…etc. While it defeats the purpose to give them something they already have, the basics are perfect if they are not already there. Think of a ‘Basics Basket‘ for a foodie friend who has just joined the foodies forces.

All the gift items below are my personal best loved, tried and tested, useful stuff and most are things I like to surround myself with lol! I know I use them, love having them, and they completely allow me to serve, display and celebrate my food in style. So I know your friends will love them too! 

I have divided the items into groups according to foodie types, different interests and usages. Feel free to mix and match from the different groups to personalise your gift to your friend.

  • Gifts for the fanatic Home Entertainer 

The home entertainer is the easiest to gift! Home entertainers love serve-ware and show pieces. They love to serve food elegantly, they like to make a statement and they will always appreciate an extra plate/stand/ teapot/ board… When choosing the gift make sure you keep your friend’s unique style in mind. Some like it elegant and minimal, some like it whimsical, some like it colourful, others prefer it white…etc. If you want your friend to jump up and down in excitement, and for that oscar moment to happen: make sure to choose the piece according to your friend’s taste. After all s/he will be the one to use it.


The above list includes

  1. Cake Stands (Pictures 1 + 12) . You will never go wrong with cake stands. Everyone loves them! They are beautiful and nowadays are no longer restricted to just cakes! They can be used to display/serve many food types (cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches, canapes…etc). They come in a variety of materials, colours, shapes, sizes… 
  2. Glass Bell Stand Covers (picture 2). These are a perfect gift for a friend who already owns stands. They help keep food fresh and protected. If your friend bakes a lot, s/he will appreciate the display option.
  3. Glass Pedestal Stands, preferably with covers, (Picture 3). Not only do they allow your friend to display her artsy productions, but they will also become part of the decor. These are my favourite display items, they make you want to dive in and live with the cookies 🙂 The fact that they are quite deep, makes them perfect for desserts such as Tiramisu, Trifle, Brownie pudding…etc. Perfect Gift!
  4. Glass Juice Dispensers (picture 4). I love juice dispensers! They are the home entertainer’s best friend. They look gorgeous in a buffet, even on the side table in the garden, or even at the kitchen counter! Instead of having to refill small jugs of juice, your friend will have it all covered! Think Sangria, Mimosa for the festive celebrations, juices with fresh fruits… To complete this gift, you can also tell your friend about these recipe links for fabulous Iced Teas, and Refreshing Cold Beverage in order to make best use of the dispenser 😉
  5. Tiered Platters (Picture 5). Any serious host, any stylish home entertainer knows that tiered platters are our best friends! Not only do they allow us to display and serve different foods, but they also help in the visual appeal of a buffet, or food table. They even allow us to manage space! I cannot live without these and find the table missing without them. They can be over the top whimsical, elegant, silver, white, colourful…
  6. Fruit Punch Bowl (picture 6). Who does not like Fruit Punch? From college students to the golden girls, everyone enjoys a fruit punch! It is the soul of the party. There are many styles and designs for fruit punch bowls, from classic to modern minimalist, they are all beautiful.
  7. Tall Glass Candy Stands (picture 7). Like the cake stands, these can never go wrong. They are beautiful display pieces that bring life to a desserts buffet. They can be filled with all sorts of confections, chocolate truffles, cake balls
  8. Vintage Dessert Plates (Picture 8) are gorgeous and a very fun way to serve tea cakes. If coupled with a vintage cake stand your friend might just pass out when opening the gift! Stylish Perfection!
  9. Uniquely designed Juice Jugs (Picture 9). If the dispenser is too big for your friend’s home, or not exactly her style, then a uniquely designed, stylish jug is the thing for her. We all drink and serve juice, we might as well be stylish at it 🙂
  10. Mini Pedestal Glass Stands with covers (Pictures 10+ 11) . These can double as cupcake/cookie/food stands, or candle stands for a table centrepiece. If you are one of those entertainers who like to serve individual portions, this is your stylish statement! I would buy at least 4 in this option, in order for your friend to be able to use them for serving.
  11. A unique serving tray (Picture 13). Home entertainers are always serving food and drink, and they truly appreciate a serving trays. Whimsical trays are so in fashion at the moment and are really fun to have.
  12. One-Design’s Champagne Bowl (picture 14). Is my new favourite thing! It fits at least 2 bottles and has a small space for the flutes too! All that is left is friends to enjoy it with.
  13. A unique Cheese Board (picture 15). If your friend is a real home entertainer, s/he knows the importance of the cheeseboard. I am completely in love with One Off Oak‘s (literally one off) custom designed wooden cheese boards with built in cheese knife compartments! Not available in Dubai, but can be ordered online! Your friend is gonna jump, I tell ya!


  • Gifts for the serious Foodies 
(foodies on the verge of professional lol)
  1. Whether a serious cook, home entertainer, blogger, food photographer… any foodie friend will appreciate a good read. Especially when that read helps hone their skills and increases the depth of their knowledge. At times, these books can even have the answers to some of their most pressing questions. Books never break our budgets, but they are very thoughtful, especially if we know they can inspire our friends. You can also add a book to your basket collection.

2. Vintage is beautiful! I love vintage because it has a story, it has been used to death and it is a piece of history brought to the table. Stylists and food photographers love vintage pieces and will always appreciate the depth they lend to their photos and homes. Check below for a list of where to buy.



Perhaps foodies are the easiest to please in terms of gifts. If you disagree and find it hard to decide which gift to buy, I hope that this post could relief some of that stress and that you found some inspiration. If you still think that this does not cut it for your friend, then make sure to drop by again on Wednesday as I will post another one dedicated to gifts for Serious Cooks & Those into Food Production! 
Yes this festive season I will make sure your gifting inspirations are all sorted 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed this post, make sure to be thoughtful in your gifts this festive season. If you are the wonna-be receiver of the gifts, make sure to send the link to your friends, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives… pointing out which gift you want lol!

Links for Where to find:


Happy Thoughtful Foodie Gifting y’all 😉

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