Aspiring Chef Competition by Samsung Arabia & BBC Good Food Middle East The moment Saied was announced the winner


How often do we hear the phrase “Follow your dreams”? How many of us have done all they could to realise these dreams, and how many of us have actually made them come true? Dreams are very hard to realise and that has made most people very cynical about the phrase, and about the whole business of even having a dream, let alone following one! Shall we continue to dream? Will ours ever get accomplished? Or shall we just forget about them and continue on the path that was set for us, from which we may have no escape? These are the questions that all dreamers will ask, and are the questions that Aspiring Chef Saied was asking himself too.

Saied has always dreamt of a career in the food industry, but “life came in the middle” and instead he ended up with an office job in marketing. He is cynical about the whole following dreams thing… until … watch and find out… Listen to Saied tell you about his dream and journey.

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How do YOU feel about the phrase “Follow your dreams“? Do you think dreams do come true, or do you think that Saied simply got lucky? Any tips for success?

Come back tomorrow for expert advise on a career in the food industry by the former BBC Good Food Middle East Magazine’s Senior Editor, who shares with us expert advice based on her long experience in the field.


 Saied @finedicing : is an amateur chef and food enthusiast hailing from Toronto’s multicultural restaurant scene. From a young age Saied has had a passion for cooking and briefly worked in several of Toronto’s kitchens alongside some of the city’s most talented chefs

Saied is of Egyptian origin but grew up in Kuwait and Canada before moving to Abu Dhabi one and a half years ago.
He has worked in several industries including marketing, public relations and hospitality but is now focused on growing his presence as a personal chef and is currently working on launching a food blog, “finedicing” where he explores different cuisines, ingredients, cooking techniques, tips and recipes.

Saied’s igniting passion for food and cooking talent has always impressed friends and family and this talent was further validated by some of the most respected authorities on food in the UAE when he won the Samsung Aspiring Chef Competition held in Dubai last month.

Facebook Page: FineDicing
Instagram: @finedicing
Twitter: @finedicing
Also find his recipe book in the July 2014 issue of BBC Good Food Middle East.


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