Let’s Love today, let’s put troubles aside. For a day let’s not hate, instead let’s love and celebrate this beautiful life. 

I woke up today and watched the news! I don’t do that anymore (watch the news that is)! Because they are just a reminder of what a troubled world we live in these days! I watched the news today, on Valentine’s Day, and there was not a sign of love anywhere, apart from the occasional product advert targeted to this occasion! What a pity, on a global scale!

When we are capable of so much love, how come hate and destruction are the frequent choice? Why do we push love out of ourselves, when it’s an all embracing, powerful feeling that can change the world? If we focus as much energy to love as we do to hate, the world today will be different. It will definitely be lighter and more compassionate. Love makes life worth living, and good worth giving. Love brings us closer and makes us one, isn’t that much better than hate? Aren’t you and I essentially the same? Aren’t we all?

Love is in the sun, the sea, the sunset, the breeze, the smile and the fields. Love is in flowers, in trees, in homes and love is in each one of us, and for each one of us. For the children, the men and the women who make this a whole.

Let’s make sure to love today, every single one and thing.



Let’s send a light out for love and ask for a less troubled world.

Love, Don’t Hate!

#peace This Valentine’s day

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