Celiac Friendly

This recipe is Gluten-free | Dairy-Free| Sugar-free | Egg-Free.
Basically free of all allergens that could harm celiac patients or those who are intolerant to any of those ingredients.

If you are one of those people who need to eat gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free…etc. This recipe is awesome and you will love it. These amazing pancakes are made using 3 ingredients only, and they are the easiest ones to make out there. As ever, here, there is no skimping on flavour, texture, deliciousness and authentic pancake experience! You are truly in for a treat, here you go, how it’s made….

I have also included some information on Celiac disease and who needs to eat gluten-free foods. To know more about these latest food labels, intolerances and allergies then read the article on the link in the except below…

I do not post these recipes because they are trendy, as I know many people do these days. I do understand there are trends and some recipes become “hotter” than others, but I post these recipes mainly because my mission has always been to cater to everyone and all dietary needs. I do that, because I too can and cannot eat specific foods, and as such I do understand what it feels like to crave things and not be able to have them. In the end we all want to have delicious, good and nutritious food that fuels our bodies and does not work against them (excerpt from  my “Clean Eating” article, find the full article on this link).


Serves: 4

1.5 cups gluten-free oats

1 large banana

1 cup water or coconut water/milk or milk (if you are not lactose intolerant)

Fresh berries for garnish (optional)

Sliced Banana for garnish (optional)

1/2 cup mixed toasted pecans and walnuts/almonds (optional)

Pure maple syrup or raw honey


Place the oats, banana and water/milk in a food processor and process until smooth. The mixture should be thick but pourable.

Heat an iron skillet, or nonstick pan then pour 1 ladle of the pancake mixture spreading slightly.

Allow to cook for 1 minute or until the bottoms are set and the top is bubbling.

Flip the pancake and cook until the bottom is slightly browned.

Repeat the process until all are done.

Stack and serve with fresh berries and the pure maple syrup/raw honey.

Serving suggestions


  • You can get 4 large pancakes out of this mixture, or you can use a smaller spoon and get about 12 mini pancakes.
  • Instead of the fresh berries, slice some bananas and top the stack of pancakes with them along with some toasted pecans and walnuts/almonds.
  • Have these pancakes with DS Pure Almond Butter topped with avocado slices, sunflower seeds and raw honey
  • Spread DS Pure Hazelnut Butter over these pancakes then top with roasted chickpeas and drizzle with honey


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