Iconically Morocco

The Moroccan Preserved Lemons

are perhaps the most significant condiment in Moroccan cuisine, they are however definitely very iconically Morocco. These preserved lemons are locally known as “Leimoon Msayyar”, they are widely used in Moroccan cuisine and cooking, and in every way reflect the cuisine and the flavours of their origin.

Generally speaking, pickles and relishes make food a lot more special and eating way more enjoyable. Some pickles even change the whole experience and tremendously enhance the flavours of a dish. It makes all the difference to actually make your own, especially in the case of these preserved lemons, where making your own allows you to control the flavour and the complimentary flavours, making sure it suits the rest of your cooking. After all, a tagine that is made using preserved lemons relies heavily on the flavour of these pickled lemons, so you really want to get your hands on the best quality preserved lemons. And what can be better than those made at home?!


10 organic, unwaxed organic lemons
10 tbsp DS Himalayan Pink Salt
2 cups fresh organic lemon juice
a pinch of Saffron


Wash and scrub your lemons.

Place in a large bowl and soak them in cold water for about an hour to soften. Drain and pat dry.

Score an “X” shape into the top of each lemon, and place 1 tsp salt in the centre of each one (right on the exposed flesh).

Squeeze the sides together to close the open part of the lemon.

Place the lemons in a sterilised, airtight glass jar with the scored part facing upwards. Pack them tightly together adding salt in between the layers.

Place the lemon juice, saffron threads and any remaining salt in a jar together and shake well. Pour the salty lemon juice over the packed lemons.

Place a weight (or a sterilised 100% natural sponge) on top to weigh them down. Seal the jar and place in a dry, cool, dark place for 4 weeks after which they will be ready to use.

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