A perfect Sandwich base

Ok, when it comes to fast, easy and super delicious, it does not get any better than this!

I am sharing it here because it is a perfect snack, healthy, fresh, delicious and absolutely nibbleiciously addictive! With a glass or two (maybe more) of your fave grape and vintage, who needs more for fab food! But hey, it is also the perfect base for many sandwiches and a tasty side to BBQ’s or to juicy dishes (great aid to soak up all the juices and you get the rest!). So make these often and enjoy them with your family and friends and come back soon for the  famous Tapas: Gambas Al Ajillo! which I serve topping these perfectly tasty Pans con tomate.

Watch the fun Pan Con Tomate video below, and see how it’s made! lol….



Ripe, juicy red tomatoes

garlic cloves

DS Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DS Pickled Zaatar (optional for variation)

Salt flakes

Black pepper

Pan Con Tomate is basically bread that is sliced and toasted (can be used without toasting too). The slices are then rubbed with cracked garlic then rubbed with halved fresh tomato, making sure to squeeze the tomato juice out onto the bread! Of course it will never be complete without a drizzle of olive oil, is anything ever?! Well, simple as that.

For a variation, try spreading some of my DS Pickled Zaatar over the bread before squeezing out the tomato onto it. Then carry out the tomato squeezing and see if you can stop munching!!! Am telling you, this right here is all the perfect food you need!


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