Fun Bar Presentations & Guests on Their Toes!

Who said it has to always be done the same!

When it comes to party planning, we often focus on working out the menus, the setup and decorations, the music and every little detail, however, almost every time the drinks section – apart from choosing the actual types we’re serving – gets retired to the same old poured in the right glass! We might have a dedicated bar, a bartender and mixologist even, but it’s always the same old, same old! Who said it has to always be done the same? There are many ways to liven up the bar, besides our chatty selves, and many ways to pour into that area the same soul of the rest of the party. This right here is all about that!

So I was in France’s beautiful Champagne region, not so long ago, and was served a Champagne Jelly shot topped with caviar as an amuse bouche. It was brilliant! Absolutely gorgeous texture of jelly and oozing caviar… champagne and caviar after all are made to go together, they are eternal partners! So it was only right and creative to be served that way. Since caviar is always served atop crushed ice, it only made sense then that the caviar be also served atop a champagne granita. The whole champagne granita concept is absolutely brilliant! Think of it this way: a light and tangy champagne granita (or even a sorbet), munching on the cool ice granules and then a delicate, sweet, soft grain of caviar bursts and oozes out champagne’s best Caspian friend! Look am telling you, the whole experience is just out of this world! A fantastic way for your bartender to greet your arriving guests. Since you are at it, have the bartender ask your guests to come back in a while for some party animal jello shots! Yes why not, keep your guests on their toes, interactive and in a fun mood!

Jello shots are perhaps the easiest thing to do, yet always, always please and set a certain fun mood. Yet again, they are almost always served the same way. A sheet that is cut into squares, sprinkled with decorations or garnish… Have fun with it, the more you enjoy making them, the more your guests will enjoy having them! Think of incorporating fruits, herbs, vegetables and even a pickle! Yes, a pickle! Think with me for a second… a piece of raw purple cauliflower, in a white wine jello shot. An olive in a martini jello shot. A cucumber pickle in a bloody mary jello shot… you see, nothing short of fun. I have included for you a video that makes amazing strawberry margarita jello shots that looks so good and am sure will get the creative juices flowing! Think the same method applied to limes for a classic margarita jello shot, or oranges for a drumbuie jello shot… and on and on…

You guys, if you are planning a party and really want to party, then go all out! Here is how you can make a champagne granita to get you started…


  • 1 bottle White/ Rose Champagne, sparkling wine or Prosecco
  • 4 tbsp Champagne vinegar or white wine Vinegar
  • 8 tbsp water
  • Beluga/Osetra Caviar (optional for garnish)

If you are planning to serve the granita on its own without the caviar as in the picture then omit the vinegar. If you wish to serve it with the caviar then follow the steps below.

In a large bowl, mix together the Champagne, vinegar and water.

Freeze for 1 hour, once it is frozen, scrape the ice with a fork into a chilled bowl.

Place back in the freezer until ready to serve.


When ready to serve,

  • If serving the Champagne granita without caviar, then just serve in martini or margarita glasses.
  • If serving this as part of the buffet with caviar then, place 1 tbsp of granita atop a clean and chilled oyster shell top with Caviar and sprinkle with finely chopped chives or dills. Place all on a shallow plate filled with crushed ice.
  • Another way to serve this granita with caviar, is to fill a third of a martini cup with the granita then top with the caviar, garnish with micro herbs.

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