Taking a break from recipe posts for a while and talking adventure and all things NEW. Check the previous two posts (2014 posts) if you are curious to know why!!
New Year’s Eve in Nişantaşı – Istanbul


Every time I remember just how scary this new year’s eve was, I can’t stop laughing! I laugh now, but in it, I was so not laughing….! In fact I was scared to death!

So you know how I have been going on about new experiences, and looking for something new and exciting all the time? Well this new year’s eve was no exception. My hubs and I decided that we want a totally different experience this new year’s eve. We thought instead of the usual big NYE party, why not try something we have never done before?

So we went to Istanbul. Once there we found out that every NYE an outdoor celebration takes place at the hip and posh Nişantaşı neighbourhood. The celebration included a countdown, DJs mixing live music at every corner, Street food on strollers and fireworks… With such description we thought: perfect! Something new and definitely different from the usual restaurant, hotel or house parties.. We decided to go.

Once there, the taxi drops you to the neighbourhood’s tip, after which all is pedestrian. You can sense the excitement, hear the music and the sound of people in the distance. You can also see gorgeous light displays everywhere and some people walking from all directions to where the countdown is supposed to be. At first, there were not many people, it looked relaxed some people walking, some standing and others buying food and drink from street vendors. I was even telling my husband: This is actually nice!

It was not long after that, when suddenly waves of people started drifting in, pushing us in all directions like a massive tsunami of human bodies from an unknown destination, all of which pushing and pushing that you had no control over where you were heading nor how fast you were going. I held on to my husband as the last thing I wanted was for us to lose each other in this mayhem of people. We tried to get out, but it was pointless, there was no getting out of there. Listen, I am talking about thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands, all pushing you in towards the centre that can only fit about five hundred!! I wanted out, I changed my mind!! I no longer wanted to celebrate NYE, I did not care for new experiences, I did not want to explore nor adventure!!! I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

People were literally jam packed!! Stuck to you from all directions, my bones squeezed to almost a breaking point, really at times it was painful! My feet were stepped at, and at times they were not even on the ground as because of the squeezing people, there were times when I was lifted off the ground, and drifted as people walked! At that point, I felt a surge of adrenaline, really like I can’t explain, I thought survivor mode, this is it! I must survive this. I literally panicked and felt in danger. I held on to my husband and told him “we need to get out of here”. We tried, but we were absolutely trapped. A policeman saw us and figured we were first timers, perhaps from out of town and held my hand in an attempt to get us out! No way!! He then looked at us and shook his head. At that point people were fainting around us, and the others are trying to save them, but all were stuck in this hell hole filled with people! Then the countdown began, I thought, good, once that is over, people are bound to start moving again! But no, the nightmare continued!!!

After the countdown was over, the bloody fire works started!! And to make matters scarier, the fireworks were dropping fire on (the trapped) us!! I am not sure what it was, but in description, it was like lit up tissues that were raining over us in every which way! Problem was, we could not move, and it was raining fire!!! At that point, I thought that is it. I am getting out of here. I don’t know what it was, but I no longer cared if I pushed, shoved or even stepped on anyone. I had to live past the “very different” new year’s ever!!! I had children to go back to and a life that I love and not finished living! Holding my husband’s hand, we were both pushing out and literally shoving people to the side for about half an hour… in what was kind of like a deliverance, really panicking and dodging fire drops… No DJs, no countdowns, and no adventure mattered at that point!

Once out, I had to stop at the sidewalk and take a breath, I literally felt battered and exhausted! I had to breathe as I was in a huge mental mess!! We were quiet for a while, then both agreed that was dangerously scary!! Quietly, we walked and walked as all is pedestrian, until we reached the first hotel, and spent the rest of the evening chatting at the lobby bar!!!

Until now, I can’t believe what went down that night! I know, it might sound like an exaggeration, or like I am too soft… Trust me, I am not… I am really saying it, as it happened and if you have any doubt, I dare you to go to the same event next NYE!!! They do have the same every year!!! And guess what? People Go!!!!!!!!

in 2013 I wanted New, and the year was filled with all things new. However, nothing to prep me for NEW year’s eve!

Coming up,
Moving on, going on a new adventure (starts today), food related of course and slightly softer than the event above… however very exciting 🙂

So come back for more of my adventures in the name of “bringing food to life”


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