There are people on this earth who make it richer.

Picture by food photographer & friend Ilian Iliev. Please do not use this picture without his consent,  I have his permission to post it here and you should too before you save to share it.

We have all come across such people, and even tend to refer to them as ‘inspirational’ because we look at how they inspire us some way or the other. We feel richer when we meet them or get to know about them, we feel empowered, more driven and even learn from them. They may change us thoroughly, or may change a perspective… the thing they do for sure is be, in their own way, an enriching factor to the thoughts or lives of those they get in contact with.

Inspirational people

come in all shades of colour. They specialise in different fields… these amazing creatures do not have a set of definitives about them, not a specific look, hairdo, background, degree or type! Yes they can be anybody! The one thing they definitely have in common is a type of positive wisdom that causes an effect that they have on others. As such, some of them may have inspired huge, like the whole world; think Galileo, Avicenna, Socrates, Einstein… and many others like them. These people’s inspiration was so tremendous that the world before them was never the same after them. They forever changed the way we saw and see this world, they enriched our knowledge, our comprehension and therefore altered some gene in our collective evolution.

Other inspirational figures did not necessarily show us how flat our view of earth was in comparison to its actual roundness, however, and to what some may see as a lesser degree of importance, they showed us how flat our perspective was when it came to understanding what it is to actually be human. Think Saints if you like or less Godly figures the likes of Jalal Ad-Din Rumi, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Mandela… and many others the likes of these marvelous people. Such inspirational people brought our attention back to our heart, the soul of being human and reminded us that we all share the same truth: the condition of being human. Through their personal actions, these people showed us that we too – as they are exactly like us, not aliens from another planet – can find that same amount of love inside of our hearts. Yes, our routine ridden, bill driven, exterior polished, interior neglected everyday self can still have space for this tremendous love as theirs did…!

The truly inspired,

(and I don’t mean those who like the sound of being inspired or inspirational as a social network status, or some sort of decoration pin), I mean to the truly inspired, the company of such people and their likes can be life changing. The gift of being inspirational is definitely not cheap commodity and therefore not for everyone to have! It cannot be taught, bought, it cannot be manipulated, it just is and that’s that. And since on average we cannot control how inspirational we truly are, we can control how inspired we can be. So why not be inspired? Why not find our inspirational people and learn from them, instead of wasting our time trying to prove that we ourselves are inspirational?!

Did Mother Teresa wake up every morning thinking: “Oh I can’t believe how inspiring I am!” every day as she checked herself out in the mirror?!! Really, something to think about.


Why don’t we really look for inspiration for a change? Why not see the inspiring people’s strengths and their beauty without polluting those with our egos? What really matters here is that we are looking, and looking for inspiration, for betterment, for reason, and ultimately for the human. A human sends love, hope, strength, light, understanding, tolerance, and oneness! Never does a human send hate, evil, darkness and the end of all things human regardless under what name, what pretense, what power trip, what ignorance…!

One inspiring woman I learnt about yesterday and found her inner strength tremendous and absolutely inspiring, Nidaa Badwan. Look her up on google and see what she was able to create out of despair and chaos. Picture courtesy of The New York Times.


Today more than ever, we need a new Galileo, a new Avicenna, a new Socrates…. Today more than ever, we need the likes of the true saints and of Gandhi, of Mother Teresa and of Mandela… Today more than ever, we need inspiration ( by “we” here, I honestly mean all of us, myself included) we all need inspiration and we must stop and look for true and real inspiration because our world truly needs it!

Heavy food, slow digestion, however, deeply cleansing.



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