The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. Mine is definitely that for my family. But my kitchen serves more than just the core of my home. It is a bit more of: the centre of me! It is my hobby centre, my reflection time and my connection place, my therapist and my business!

In my kitchen I have had my friends spill their guts out to me, and I to them. I have discovered a talent there, a passion for food creation and food expression. Out of my kitchen came the very things that created my and other peoples’ memories, occasions and expressions. I have moulded many pieces that eventually moulded me into who I am today. My kitchen has that effect, not only on me, but on everyone who has stepped into it, or experienced it – as told by those who did.

I have always been inviting people into my kitchen, sharing secrets, recipes, thoughts, opinions, ideas and essentially sharing a bit of myself with whoever is up for it. With this website, I invite you to my kitchen, hoping to help and inspire you to create and pump life into your own kitchens, to experience all the joys that come with it. I invite you to my open dialogue about life and all it includes as inspired by the ingredients, the foods and the flavours in my kitchen. I invite you to chat, share, learn, teach and really connect as we miss nothing more than a real connection these days!

I will be sharing some recipes, tips, tutorials and kitchen chats.  I will also share some thoughts, real life experiences and causes in here. As well as telling you stories, I love nothing more than the stories of peoples and places. Also telling you forgotten food-inspired stories that I dig from a very distant past, nothing is more fascinating to me than food history. I will share with you bits and pieces of the projects I am working on, the fabulous people I meet, the inspirations I encounter and of course will be telling you about my brand’s products, the old favourites and the new additions.

Hope you enjoy this online space, my online kitchen and all that it brings to you. Most importantly, I hope that I will inspire you SOMEHOW 🙂




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