When you are the guest, it’s easy to feel like you have little responsibility for the success of a party. But that could not be furthest away from the truth. There are major elements to the success of any party, and one crucial element is the guests. After all, the hosts have thrown the party for the guests. There is nothing worse than a guest who is critical of everything, is ungrateful for the effort put in the party, and who disrespects other guests and the hosts. Don’t be one!

So if you’d like to be a guest who is always invited back to the next bash, read on for tips to make you always welcome at anybody’s table.

1. R.S.V.P. ASAP

Respond to your invitation as soon as you know (and no later than the stated RSVP date) whether or not you can attend the party. That way your hosts can make their plans knowing the exact number of guests who will be attending.

2. Ask Your Hosts How You Can Contribute,

Check if there is anything you can do to help; perhaps you can contribute with a dish (an appetiser, side dish or dessert), or even babysit the day before, or simply help with last minute shopping for the host…etc. The host may be relieved to have someone else take charge of something for her.

With that said, do not force your help on the hosts, as they may have specific plans for the party in which case the forced help becomes more of a burden than help. Make sure you ask once and make them aware you are here should you be needed. Then leave it up to them. For example, don’t bring a dish without running it by your hosts. They may be making something similar or it may clash with their carefully planned menu. Similarly, if you bring a bottle of wine as a gift, you shouldn’t expect it to be served with the meal. The hosts may have planned the wines specifically to complement the meal. The same applies to other gifts. You can offer to help with dressing up the table or bringing a table or buffet centrepiece or decorations. Once again, don’t bring or do any of this if your hosts have declined the offer. They may already have their own specific decorating scheme planned. If you have the time, offer to come a little earlier than the other guests to help with pre-party setup. But if your offer is accepted, don’t be late your hosts will be counting on you.

3. Arrive to a dinner party on time.

Some hosts plan the timing of their meals very precisely, and you wouldn’t want to hold up the meal and spoil the food for everyone else.


4. Chat with the other guests and do your part to be friendly and make conversation with other guests,

Because you are part of the chemistry that will make the party a success. But don’t raise a conversation topic that you know will cause dissension among that particular group of guests. Save that for when you’re the host in your own home. Also avoid ridiculing other guests and their points of view. Respect others and make sure you are not the cause to ruin a party that your hosts planned and organised for everyone to have fun.

5. Make sure you are gracious;

Don’t go around criticising your hosts, the food, the decorations, the styles, the themes, the other guests and of course don’t turn your back to gossip and trash other people! This goes without say, but this is the fastest route to losing all your friends, and potential friendships!

6. Drink Responsibly.

Your hosts may be serving alcoholic beverages, but that doesn’t mean they wants to have a group of sloppy drunks on their hands at the end of the party. Nor do they want any discomfort, embarrassment or awkward situations in their party or to any of their guests. And definitely, the last thing they need is for any of their guests to be hit with a DUI violation, or worse, have any accidents on their way home. Don’t ruin the party and the mood, no guest ever should!

7. Finally and most importantly, always take a gift to your hosts,

Thank them for inviting you and remember if you genuinely are a good guest, you will appreciate all the effort that has gone into every party no matter what! Keep in mind people’s ways are different!


Here are some useful tips if you are a guest in someone’s home while traveling

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