The Sweet Pizza

Having extensively covered all types of Savoury Pizzas, and since -hopefully- you will try and make your own pizza dough, to replace the mediocre quality of store bought pizza doughs, I thought I will give you these scrumptious yet quick and super easy dessert pizzas to add to your recipe repertoire. It is really fun to serve a sweet pizza for dessert, especially when you are having your children’s friends over, or entertaining a crowd with children. However, sweet pizzas are fun and delicious for everyone, grown ups and children alike.

The Making of Dessert pizzas

There is nothing easier than making these dessert pizzas. All you need is the classic pizza dough (see recipe links at the end of this post), which you will spread as you do a regular pizza, then get creative with the sweet toppings. Think chocolate, sweetened whipped cream cheese, peanut butter (or any nut butter), caramel sauce… these toppings can either be baked with the pizza or spread out on the cooked pizza dough. Then you can add fresh or cooked fruits, chocolate chips, nuts, marshmallows, crushed macarons… and finally drizzle with a coulis, caramel sauce, melted chocolate, thickened fruit juice… The choices are all open to your interpretation and taste preferences.

With that said, even here there is room for more creativity. You can always try the brioche dough instead of the classic pizza dough (check out the video on top), otherwise you can do mock up pizzas, which are really fun and also super trendy. These are usually made to look like a pizza when in fact they are not. You can achieve that by creating a cookie base instead of the dough and then baking it followed by topping with all the sweet pizza toppings. This can be done in full pizza size or in mini pizzas. Here is an example:


There is nothing more fun than getting the children involved in making these, either before the party, or even during. This will give them an hour of fun activity that will keep them entertained. However, way you look at it, it is super fun and worth incorporating into your events and menus.

Just look at the faces of your kids and their friends once you make these… better yet get a chance to bring out the child in everyone when you serve these hot, melt in your mouth treats…. and by the way, be prepared for seconds!!

Some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing


With all these pizza posts, you can throw a complete Pizza Party and seduce everyone’s taste buds. Everyone will love these, try them out 🙂

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