It seems we are always complaining about having no time.

From no time to prepare our own food at home to basically no time to do anything else for that matter. I run a very busy schedule and totally understand that. However, small changes to my day and the way I organise my time have done wonders for me. I am sure you struggle with this too, so I thought why don’t I share my experience with you and see if you have any tips to give me!

My go to tips for gaining more hours a day:

(sticking to the daily homemaking tasks and cooking)

1. I think and plan ahead.

Dedicate a day for prep and use that day to prepare your farmers market veg, stocks/broths, and all the make ahead parts and store them ready to use.

2. I don’t wait until I completely run out.

Keep building on your pantry and freezer stock for ready options whenever needed. These really take out all the stress factors we all complain about!

3. I only stock up from brands I trust when I don’t have the time to prepare something myself.

I consider health, quality and the brand’s business ethics. This guarantees I get good quality products and ensures that I do not support any resource depletions or unethical practices. This way I take the stress out when I must be somewhere else or away from my kitchen for a while.

4. I have dedicated slots in my day for many things including social networking, answering emails, returning phone calls.

I found that if I do not organise my time, I get overwhelmed and hardly ever find the time to do anything really. I follow this to the dot. It has been life changing to me as this is how I manage to get so much done everyday and still manage to cook a home cooked amazing meal for my family each day.

5. I have created a priority list.

When a heavy workload happens, when any unforeseen circumstances arise and when a break is needed I know exactly what needs to be dropped off the list for that period of time. No guilt, no mindless tug wars! Some things take priority and are not negotiable, other things can go off the list when needed. We can all step back, breathe and proceed … what is the point of living otherwise?

Any time management tips saved you? Share with me, as I really always look for tips that work 🙂


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