I finally found the time to get together with some friends this morning! In our hectic and full lives these days it seems a privilege to have a few hours catching up with friends!! As we sat and chatted, one of the girls ordered a crepe Suzette and the waiter brought her a savoury crepe at first, then took the order again, disappeared for half an hour only to bring her a chocolate crepe with strawberries!! Needless to say how that ruined the breakfast for everyone, as while everyone waited through the first half hour the food was getting cold and so some started eating and some were still waiting, then it was the wrong order again and the waiter was, I must say, very rude asking the woman “What is the difference anyway, just have this one, it’s good too!”…. can you believe that!

So naturally a discussion about ‘Complaints in Restaurants’ took place, which inspired me to write this here and pick your brains.

This is one point of view.



So let’s chat – When it comes to complaints in restaurants, I would love to know who are with and who are against. Are you with the notion that when things go wrong a complaint should be filed? Or are you with the camp that thinks the guy must have had a bad morning or was stressed…etc?

Also we all have leeway, so where is the line where we put our foot down and say “stop it”? Is it getting the order wrong the first time, being late to bring it the second time? bringing the wrong order after being late the second time? or advising that all food is the same so you should have it anyway? I mean now that I type this, a lot had gone wrong with that order and that waiter! What would you have done in that situation.

From the flip side of the coin, what would make this situation better for you? Basically when you complain about this situation, what can the restaurant do to make it up to you and not lose you as a customer? I really would love to know so do please share your thoughts.

Since that crepe Suzette never made it to the table that morning, I am offering you the recipe (actually not just 1 but 2)


For the bookworm

Crêpes are thin pancakes. They belong to the pastry- breads category. They are made by cooking a thin batter sparingly in a very thin layer. Crêpes are cooked in a frying pan or a special Crêpes pan. The batter is usually prepared in advance, and left to rest so that the flour swells and any air bubbles created during preparation have time to dissipate. After standing a little liquid can be added if the batter has become too thick. This ‘Standing & Thinning’ procedure ensures the batter doesn’t rise, and is instead cooked into a perfect even thin layer.

Crêpes are usually made using Wheat or Buckwheat flour. Liquids are usually water, milk or beer. Just bear in mind that beer makes Crêpes rise slightly. Also the use of eggs, lends itself to the liquefying process. As a general rule, Crêpes batter must always be of pouring consistency. They are usually fried in oil or butter, and can be made either savoury or sweet.

A crêpe Suzette is a sweet crêpe flavoured with tangerine and coated with a tangerine-flavoured sauce. The sauce is used to mask the Crêpes and is made using tangerine juice and Curaçao in addition to melted butter & sugar.


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